#NationalBoyfriendDay #Blogtober18

#NationalBoyfriendDay #Blogtober18


Mummy says… It is #NationalBoyfriendDay today and I have three very special boyfriends to thank. I am loving this opportunity with #Blogtober18 to do so….

#NationalBoyfriendDay #Blogtober18


  1. MY boyfriend who I shall call J. I am 47 – am I too old to have a boyfriend? Partner sounds so mature, so…well, old! Anyway, I first met J at the end of May after finding each other online. He is a pretty awesome man, and has given me over four months of total happiness.
  2. Lea’s boyfriend, S. They have been together over a year and he is a pretty fab guy. He is a year older than Lea, and has a maturity beyond his years which has given Lea stability and support. He gets her, he listens to her and he loves her. All that is needed in a good relationship!
  3. MiMi’s BF – JW. This is a new relationship, but JW has made MiMi so happy over the last couple of months. He is a genuine, charming, caring lovely guy and is moving to another city soon as he is an actor currently touring with a production. None of us know what the future holds for them, but I am so thankful he came into her life to lift her up and boost her at a very difficult time. Absence makes the heart grow fonder so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I believe everyone comes into our lives for a reason, and I believe these three guys have entered into mine and my daughters lives at just the right time, for all the right reasons. Every relationship brings a gift, and I am so happy that we have received the gifts of respect, honesty and love from these guys. In return, of course, we reciprocate.

I don’t have a crystal ball, but I do know that all we truly have is this very moment, and at this very moment I am truly happy and content – for the first time in a very long time. Long may this continue!

Please, tell me about the boyfriends in your life on this #NationalBoyfriendDay….



  1. Oh thats so lovely! Boyfriend is totally acceptable! Good luck with everything, so pleased you are happy xx

  2. That’s so sweet and nice to hear that all are happy in their relationships. It sounds like they are all great guys. Hope all goes well x

  3. That’s so lovely and it’s always so comforting to hear of other peoples happy relationships – long may it continue 🙂

  4. I am so pleased you have found someone. I think I am too old to call my fella my boyfriend too. He get’s partner or fella. lol
    It’s lovely that your girls have fab boyfriends.
    I hope you will all be happy for a long time x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…I sometimes miss the single life #Blogtober18My Profile

  5. You are never too old for a boyfriend. I know a lovely 80 year old lady that has a boyfriend, everyone wants some love and companionship in their life 🙂

  6. Ooooo good luck with the new relationship – how exciting

  7. Awh this is a lovely tribute post! It’s totally acceptable to say ‘Boyfriend’ too!

  8. My first serious boyfriend when I was 15 is now my husband! Love and age doesn’t really matter as long as you have someone who makes you happy it doesn’t matter what you call them x

  9. Aww.. it sounds like all three of you have some great men in your life!

  10. It is great that you all have great boyfriends. Enjoy every moment together x #Blogtober18

  11. Aww that’s so sweet that you are with someone and he is making you happy. Never to old for the term boyfriend
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