#Blogtober18 Pickle's Reading Journey

#Blogtober18 Pickle’s Reading Journey


Pickle says…. I love to read. I started reading on February 13 2017 when I was just 4.Last week I moved up to Stage 6 of the Oxford Reading Tree series, I am 6 on Friday…

#Blogtober18 Pickle's Reading Journey

You must know about these books – good old Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy the dog. I have to say though that towards the end of Stage 5 I was getting a bit bored. Stage 6 is still about Biff etc but the books are a bit more exciting.

It is #LibrariesWeek this week, which is why Mummy and I thought it would be nice to share my reading journey with you.

I started with the Jelly and Bean books which I really liked, as Jelly and Bean are two cats, and we have two cats.

It is tricky finding time to read as we are always so busy, but I like to read in the car with Mummy when I am waiting to go into school. Here are some tips to help reading:

*Set aside a few minutes a day – maybe at bedtime, as a little reading every day is better than none.

*Don’t try and read too much – a couple of pages every day and you will make great progress!

*Try a reading app such as Reading Eggs – we love it!

*Try and read words together as you are out and about such as signs, posters, DVD covers etc.

*Use positive praise when words are read correctly and avoid using negative words if it goes wrong. Eg “Oh well done, that is almost right, the word is actually…’ Instead of ‘No, that’s not how you say it.’

So, I am doing really well on my reading journey and am looking forward to reading some other books soon.

How are you and your children getting on with your reading journey? Do you have any tips you can share with us?


  1. I think positive praise goes a long way in encouraging kids to persevere!

  2. Such lovely tips – I can’t wait to start reading with my daughter. She’ll be starting school next year, which I can hardly believe. She loves listening to me read stories every day, so it will be nice when she can too 🙂

  3. Great tips, I can’t wait til my youngest starts reading I kinda miss Biff and Chip lol #Blogtober18

  4. I don’t have kids but when I was a kid I loved reading and wouldn’t need to be pushed to read, I wanted to read all the time. Well done to Pickle x

  5. We found that Sebby is more willing to read if we do a couple of pages at a time rather than the whole book

  6. sounds so lovely! And I have heard such good things about reading eggs

  7. My nephew like pickles absolutely loves to read, his always with a book in his little hands and can’t get enough of them.

  8. Well done on reaching stage 6 Pickle! Sounds like your reading journey is going well.

  9. These are really good tips. I like the sound of putting the positive spin on getting the word wrong. I have to admit the sometimes I do struggle and get frustrated, especially when I know he knows the words and has said the same one about 50 times so far!

  10. Reading eggs is great- really helps motivate and aid reading skills

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