Letter to Pickle as he turns 6

#Blogtober18 Letter to Pickle as he turns 6


Mummy says… I cannot believe that Pickle is 6 this Friday. Where have the last 6 years gone? Here is a letter I have written for him…

Letter to Pickle as he turns 6

My darling Ickle Pickle

You are just three days away from your 6th birthday and you are so excited you might actually burst! The past week or so you have woken with the dilemma of what to ask for for your birthday!

You switch between Lego – Jurassic World, Ninjago and Star Wars, as well as Imaginext and Playmobil.

Your biggest passion at the moment, and has been all summer, is Lego. You love it. You build all sorts of things with your amazing imagination, and you play with it for hours.

Letter to Pickle as he turns 6

(Pickle on his Birth Day and age 1,2,3,4,5)

I went to Barcelona recently and you stayed at Nana’s with your big brother for seven nights – a whole week! It is the longest we have ever been apart, and you were such a good boy. You were also coping with big sis Lea leaving home for Uni in London. When I came home, you couldn’t stop kissing me, you looked at me and asked me if you were dreaming! That is the cutest thing ever.

You are the most loving, sweetest, kindest little boy. Yes you still have your infamous meltdowns, but they are fewer and don’t last as long! They usually involve you losing a Lego man or vital piece of Lego!

We still co-sleep and I love it. Waking to your little face, your cuddles and kisses is the best ever. You tell me to put my phone down and give you a hug!

You have, last week, moved up to Stage 6 in reading at school, and have settled really well into Year One. You started going to breakfast club on 24th September, 3 days a week and really enjoy it.

We have talked about you starting football, but you are really not keen. You said your energy has run out! You did go to kick boxing last week with one of your best friends, J and really enjoyed it, so you are going again tomorrow.

You are currently loving the film ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ with Johnny Depp, and yesterday we started our Christmas Movie watching with ‘Nativity 2‘. You absolutely LOVE the first one and Mr Poppy.

Your shoe size is 12-13, your clothes size is 5-6, I have no idea how tall you are. But you are tall for your age.

You have given me a whole new life since you were born almost six years ago. I have new friends, a new job and life, and a new partner. And ultimately they have all come about because of you. I adore you, my little darling, you complete my world and my heart.

You are so very loved, you are a very, very special little lad and I give thanks every day that I have been blessed with you.

Love you more than all the stars in the sky,

Mummy x x x



  1. What a lovely letter, Happy 6th Birthday Pickle! X

  2. How lovely are you giving this to him?

  3. How has he grown up so quickly. He sounds like such a lovely boy.
    Happy birthday Pickle x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…We made our own squishy characters with Smooshins!My Profile

  4. What a lovely reflection on the boy your son is growing up to be on his birthday.

  5. Such a lovely letter! My niece also turned 6 recently and I cannot believe she is already 6. They grow so fast!

  6. Ahhh this made me a little emotional! Happy 6 years mama!

  7. aww hope he had the most amazing birthday! – where has the time gone it only seems two minutes since he was a tiny tot!

  8. so cute baby! Happy birthdays………….

  9. My twins just turned 6 as well. Its crazy how fast the years pass isn’t it. I hope he had the best of days

  10. Happy birthday sweet boy. My daughter is almost 7 and I can’t believe it. She was a baby yesterday, I swear!

  11. Aw what a lovely letter Kaz! Pickle is such a credit to you. Hope he had the best 6th birthday.

  12. Ahh what a cute birthday photo round up! He’s such a sweetheart and I don’t blame you for co sleeping – I do that too some nights, whenever my little girl needs me.

  13. Happy birthday Pickle, hope you have a fab day
    Kara recently posted…Silent Sunday – 14th October 2018My Profile

  14. Love reading your journey – havent really thought about Christmas films just yet

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