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#Blogtober18 All About Me


Mummy says… I have had a strange few months, it has been a very busy, good year but my blogging mojo had slipped a little. I have come across the Blogtober 18 Challenge with Big Family Organised Chaos where you post every day with a daily prompt. It is just what I need to get back to this, and the first prompt is ‘All About Me’….

All About Me

1. I am a single mum of four – two girls aged 22 and 18 and two boys aged 16 and 5.
2. I live in Pembrokeshire but was born just outside Manchester.
3. I am a coffee addict.
4. I love gin – have done since I was 18, and LOVE the new pink gins with lemonade.
5. 1 am 47 (eeeek!) but still feel 18 inside.
6. I have been blogging for over four and a half years.
7. I am currently setting up two other blogs.
8. I am a qualified counselor, holistic therapist, Reiki and Angelic Reiki Master.
9. I met (in May) a wonderful man via online dating who is now my partner.
10. My favourite current song is pretty much anything by 21 Pilots.
11. I am a HUGE Marvel fan.
12. My current fave film is Avengers : Infinity War.
13. My fave superhero is Thor, or Doctor Strange.
14. Autumn going into winter is my favourite season.
15. I have two little black cats called Luna and Nala.
16. I am anemic and can’t store iron in my body.
17. I have a terrible fear of needles.
18. My favourite food is pasta.
19. My favourite Christmas film is Love Actually – I start watching it in late October.
20. I have a huge interest in, and am passionate about, children’s and young people’s mental health.

All About Me

Now about my family:

  1. MiMi 22, has just moved into a new house in Bristol with four girlfriends and has just started a new job as a content executive with an exciting digital marketing company. Her boyfriend, J is starring in Touching the Void at The Bristol Old Vic.
  2. Lea 18, moved to Tottenham, London two weeks ago to start Uni. She is studying Creative Musicianship in Vocals. She is struggling with her mental health, namely anxiety and adjusting to being away and living in London. She will get there, and is loving the course itself.
  3. Luke 16, has just started Creative Media in college and is really enjoying it. He seems happy and settled.
  4. Pickle started Year 1 on 4 September and despite not being keen on school generally, is enjoying it. He has even started breakfast club three mornings a week. He has had a couple of minor issues with older boys, but I am keeping a close eye on it.

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I am not going to put myself under the stress of promising to post everyday, but I am certainly going to try. Thank you for reading – I would love you to share a fact about yourself with me in the comments below…..



  1. Loving your weakness for the new pink gins… I’m not much of a drinker but pink gin sways me everytime. Welcome to Blogtober and thank you for a beautiful first post! Looking forward to reading more this month.

  2. Wow you sound a very busy lady. Looking forward to getting to know you better and reading your posts. I am also doing #Blogtober18 for the first time

  3. Yay! Fab to see you taking part in Blogtober! It’s lovely to learn more about you.
    Kim Carberry recently posted…This is what we’re eating this week. #MealPlanningMondayMy Profile

  4. Oooh Reiki – I have been dying to try it for years. Shame you’re not still near Manchester 😀 #blogtober

  5. busy busy busy! Sounds like you’ve all have a super busy year so far! #blogtober

  6. Welcome to Blogtober18, so glad you could join us, its been loving reading up about what’s been happening with the family, and to hear that there are other people out there who have more than one blog! Looking forward to reading the posts you write as and when during October x

  7. No way are you 47, you look so young. What are the other blogs you are setting up, I am intrigued? I’m looking forward to reading your posts over the month #Blogtober18

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