Why Choose Pet Fostering Over Ownership

Why Choose Pet Fostering Over Ownership

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Mummy says….A pet is a precious companion that can enrich your life. Coming back home after a long day to a wagging tail or purring kitty cat is highly comforting. Sharing your home with an animal is a fulfilling experience and the presence of your pet just makes your day better. But getting a pet is a full time responsibility, have you heard of pet fostering?

Why Choose Pet Fostering Over Ownership

There are many shelters that are on constant lookout for foster parents for animals. You can get in touch with your local shelter and sign up for fostering.

You might be wondering why you would choose to foster instead of getting your own pet. Here are some reasons why a foster pet is better than owning your pet:


When you get a pet, you are taking on a huge commitment. For the entire lifespan of your pet, you need to take care of them. Years of taking care of your pet might not be something that you are ready for. Instead of taking on a lifelong responsibility you can choose to foster instead. The animal that you are fostering is only going to be there with you until they get adopted. 


Shelter animals usually come from terrible circumstances. Most shelter animals have had abusive pasts. Shelters are also not entirely the best environment for animals. No matter how pleasant shelter employees try to make them, the animals have to stay alone in a relatively small space. When you bring a shelter animal home, you are not only giving them space to roam, you are giving them the love they have not felt. Shelter animals need the love and care that you are willing to invest.

Financial Burden

Getting a pet in an expensive affair. Even with the discount pet items easily available taking care of a pet is an expensive affair. Pet meds are expensive as well as pet products. But when you foster a shelter animal the shelter takes care of medical expenses. For example, if a rescued animal has fleas and ticks, the shelter would first administer Dog Interceptor and other spot-on treatments before putting the pet up for adoption. You do have to spend some money behind your foster pet but the expenses are far less than owning a pet.

Variety of Animals

Shelters are not only for dogs. There are many kinds of animals that you can find at a shelter. You can sign up to foster any kind of animals and not just a dog. Instead of having a single kind of pet for many years, you can foster different kinds of animals.


You can choose to foster at your own leisure and when you feel you have the time to invest.


Saying goodbye to your pet is the worst situation for a pet parent. But saying goodbye to a foster pet is not a heartbreak. Saying goodbye to a foster pet means that they are most likely adopted and have found their forever home. By fostering a pet instead of owning your own pet, you give a second chance to an animal in need.

Would you ever consider pet fostering?

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  1. Pets are lovely. Once we choose to have one pet, we should be responsible and treat them with love. So people should take several factors into consideration before taking a pet to home.

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