All Change This September


Pickle says…. This September has seen huge changes for our family – as have the last few Septembers. Our family dynamic is changing and it feels a bit funny….

All Change This September

I started in Year 1 on 4 September. Although in the same school building I went to Early Years in, I have to go in and out of the ‘big’ entrance, and Mummy says goodbye – and meets me here instead of walking me right to Miss and my classroom door.

The first few days were very scary – but Miss met us at the gate and we all waited for the whole class. I felt a bit less nervous then. I have to walk right around to my new classroom on my own – I mean without Mummy.

All Change This September

I am enjoying Year 1 so far – all my friends are in my class like before. We still have a lovely little outside area with a mud kitchen too.

I have been reading again and am on ‘more books’ on Stage 5. I had my first PE lesson last week, and am in the red house.

Mummy is away this week for the whole week – the longest she has ever left us, and I am staying at nana’s with big bro Luke.

All Change This September

Luke started college on 4 September too and goes three days a week studying Creative Media. He is enjoying it and LOVING that it is so different to school!

Biggest sis MiMi is still living in Bristol, and looking for a new job because hers has ended. She has a new boyfriend too – Mummy has met him, but we haven’t yet. He is an actor!

The biggest news is that last weekend, big sis Lea left to start her Uni journey in London! Mummy took her before she went on holiday. We will miss Lea SO much. We are very close – she is almost like another Mummy to me. We will see her as much as we can, but it is a long way away.

So, a new chapter begins in our house – Mummy and us two boys. I wonder what adventures we will get up to? I suspect there will be many visits to London and Bristol.

Is it All Change This September for you too? We would love to hear about it….



  1. So many changes but all positive ones. As soon as September rolls around those new emotions and changes occur.

  2. Certainly sounds like you have a lot of change going on, Pickle. Well done on adapting to Year 1 so well.

  3. Before you know it you will be starting year two in no time

  4. Ah well, this September hasn’t really been anything much different but my son is going to the nursery and is still unsettled even though he’s going since March this year. I’ve no clue what to do now… as we’ve already tried everything! Hope Pickle is having a great time at school!

  5. So much change! So glad your enjoying being in a new year with new classes!

  6. So many new changes am sure it feels strange but soon it will be normal, well as normal as it can be. Wishing you all the best for year 1 Pickles and Luke for college.

  7. Sounds like everyone is settling into the new school year well. Hope Luke has fun with his course

  8. It is a new dynamic in our house too as Kian has left for university – I am sure it will soon feel more normal soon

  9. Theres something that makes September feel like a new January that you’re more prepared for! I think it stems from it being the new school year and it just takes some time to get used to xxx

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