12 Tips to Child Proof Your Home and Furniture

12 Tips to Child Proof Your Home and Furniture


Pickle says… It is quite a shock when a little person comes into your life and your home, we can bring with us so many worries and it can feel like your home has become a place full of dangers with potential accidents around every corner. Well worry not, we have 12 tips to child proof your home and furniture….

12 Tips to Child Proof Your Home and Furniture

  1. Choose washable covers / throws / cushion covers whenever possible.
  2. Wooden or laminate floors are much easier to keep clean.
  3. Choose washable rugs and make sure they have grip strips.
  4. Leather settees are easy to wipe clean with baby wipes. Darker colours are better, or choose a pattern.
  5. Wipe clean table cloths protect tables not only from dinner time spills but from messy painting and glue too.
  6. Set boundaries with older children. Simple rules such as no meals are to be eaten on the new sofas, or shoes must be taken off when going upstairs.
  7. Be aware of reclining chairs – they can trap little hands and feet.
  8. Children learn by example so be mindful of how you treat your home and furniture. If you put your feet on the sofa your children will think it is ok for them to do it too.
  9. Look at your home from your youngest child’s level to see dangerous temptations or risks to them.
  10. Use stairgates not only for the stairs but to limit access to certain rooms such as the kitchen or a work room. This is a good idea if you have a breakfast bar with wooden kitchen stools that could tip over.
  11. Make sure that your furniture can’t be used as to climb to something else such as a worktop, table, or bookshelf.
  12. Be aware of heavy furniture that could tip over – or flatscreen TV’s on stands. You can buy anti-tip straps, or secure to a wall.

Have you any other Tips to Child Proof Your Home and Furniture? I would love to hear them!



  1. It is amazing all the different things you need to think about when you have a child. I totally haven’t ever thought of it much myself but yeah so many home dangers!

  2. Washable covers are a must and we still have the anti tip straps on our tv too

  3. I don’t have children, but I can imagine how important this is as a parent, having a safe house for a child means you have a few less worries when they’re playing about 🙂 x

  4. These are such great tips when my nephew came along my brother and SIL has to do a lot of proofing especially when he started moving about the house.

  5. Washable things must be a godsend when you have a very young child. I’ve never had to think about anything like this but there’s a lot to think about x

  6. Some great tips here. I will never forget our twins drawing all over our white sofa, mega fail on our part even thinking white and smalls would be a good mix lol

  7. Excellent tips. We still have stair gates all over the house, even though my little ones are 3 & 4. And heavy furniture has always worried me. I try to make sure we don’t have anything to big, or heavy or if we do – it has to be extremely secure.

    I’d also like to add – DON’T BUY WHITE FURNITURE OR CARPETS! :/ Haha

  8. These are some great tips and ideas for child proofing a home. It’s so important to ensure child safety at home.

  9. Great tips here! Though I don’t have any kids myself, I do have 3 cats that behave like children sometimes haha! I had to put child locks on all the cupboards in the kitchen, because they learnt how to open them and would take all the food haha! x

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