This Mumma loves Gin

This Mumma loves Gin


Mummy says… I have always been partial to a gin – from my late teens the only spirit I have ever liked is gin. So I am loving the latest gin craze that has exploded….

This Mumma loves Gin

My favourite gin since February this year has been pink gin – I love it with lemonade. I am not a huge fan of the sharper flavours but do love original London gin with orange juice.

It seems that every week a new flavour or distillery is launched and it can be a bit overwhelming to decide just what gin to spend your hard earned cash on! I am reluctant to splash my cash to try new flavours, afraid that I might make an expensive mistake with some gins costing around £40 for a litre bottle.

That’s why I love the idea of Just Miniatures – a range of small bottles of gin with just enough for you to try new flavours and see which take your fancy. The bottles are 5cl in size – the same as a pub double measure and are priced from under £2 each so you can try before you commit to a bigger bottle.

They are a cute gift idea too – you could pop them in a hamper full of other treats and goodies.

With over 100 varieties to choose from you will most certainly find some you haven’t tried before. They also have a lovely range of gift sets – you know it is never to early to start shopping for you-know-what!

I am all for having the odd drink but please, be sensible and Drink Aware.

The recommended levels are: 14 units per week. (Based on 25ml single shot at 40%).

14 units = 14 single shots

If you drink no more than 14 single shots a week you will be at low risk of alcohol affecting your health. And this does not mean saving your 14 units for one night – or binge drinking as it is known.

So, are you a gin lover? If so, what is your favourite flavour?


  1. OMG this sounds amazing – I love pink gin too (The Greenalls one is my fave)

  2. I love Gin too,these looks and sound great x

  3. Nothing wrong with the occasional tipple – enjoy

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