Post Office Broadband Digital Drop Ins

Post Office Broadband Digital Drop Ins are a Huge Success


Mummy says… Last week I attended the one of the Post Office Broadband Digital Drop Ins with Google Digital Garage…

Post Office Broadband Digital Drop Ins

What is it?

Free drop in workshops held from 10am – 1pm in  local libraries (I attended the Cardiff one). Aimed at all ages, the workshops are manned by the Google Digital Garage team who are there to answer any questions you may have about anything digital including phones, tablets, lap tops, computers.

Who is it held by?

Two huge brands – Google who are well known to anyone who goes online, especially young people and The Post Office –  a brand well known and trusted by older people. The sessions have been held all over the country in libraries, a place known and trusted as well as being easy to find.

Why should I go?

The Google guys are on hand to help with a huge range of problems including:

Help with backing up photos.

Security settings.

Both Android and Apple devices.

Apps – installing, deleting etc.

Storage including iCloud, Photostream etc.

What’s App and other messaging services.

Who is it for?

Anyone who has any question or problem with their phone or other device. All ages and all questions are welcome. There is no question too small or too silly.

Post Office Broadband Digital Drop Ins

All morning people brought in their phones and iPads / tablets for help with the above and more. The Google guys were super approachable, friendly, patient and knowledgeable in helping everyone who called in, offering one to one help which was much better than a group workshop situation.

I loved talking to the people who called in, and hearing their stories, especially 82 year old S who lost her husband fairly recently and had a little list of questions which were all answered! From how to mute notifications to adjusting the length of time before her screen locked to backing up photos. She thoroughly enjoyed the free tea and biscuits, the company, and she learned some new skills too! She was an inspiration!

Between 20 – 30 people attended this drop in session, and I was so pleased to have been part of this pilot workshop. I was even able to help some people as they waited for the Google guys to become available.

Did you know that The Post Office is the 2nd most trusted brand in the UK? So you can come along to one of these sessions in complete confidence, knowing that you and your devices are in safe hands.

You can still catch a couple of Post Office Broadband Digital Drop Ins with Google Digital Garage and they are hoping to be able to roll the workshops out across the country on a regular basis.

I was invited to attend the session and compensated for my time and review.


  1. I have to admit I’ve not heard of these drop ins before but what a great idea! Love that The Post Office and Google have teamed up to help make things easier for people who aren’t sure how things work!

  2. This sounds very useful and something that could come in handy for us. I think it’s a great idea too to help others out with the issues we get these days.especially as the digital world is such a big part of our lives.

  3. These are such a good idea, love that they are free too

  4. Wow that’s super helpful and a great ideal, I like that such big businesses have come together to do this!

  5. Great idea! Keeping the community inclusive and making sure people are tech savvy is super important x

  6. These really do sound like such fantastic workshops, I am not surprised they are a huge success

  7. I’ve read a few things about these, they sound great. What a wonderful idea.

  8. such a lovely idea for a program as it must help so many people!

  9. This seems like such a good idea. I didn’t know these things happened so thank you very much for sharing. Might have to pop along to one.

  10. I’ve heard about this and it sounds like such a great idea. I really need to see if there’s one nearby!

  11. Aw its so great to hear that they’ve been a great success! I think its a great idea to help those who aren’t in the know xxx

  12. Its fab to see how the Post Office and Google have teamed up to be able to offer these, can totallys ee why it has been such a huge success.

  13. They sound absolutely fantastic. I’m glad they are a huge success as they are really helping people.

  14. oh this sounds amazing and I wish they would do one in my area

  15. anything that brings a community together of all ages is a good thing in my eyes , i think this is a fantastic idea

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