Vanish Gold PowerGel Works Wonders

Vanish Gold PowerGel Works Wonders


Pickle says… I am a mucky little pup and white is just not my colour! Trouble is, I have to wear white polo shirts to school, and I love chocolate ice cream. Not the best combination for me…

Vanish Gold PowerGel Works Wonders

My Nana swears by Vanish Gold PowerGel (a pre-treat stain remover) and bought some for Mummy the other week as Mummy is not great at removing stains and has zero time to spend on it.

Mummy is also quite sceptical when it comes to products claiming they can remove serious stains with little effort or hard work.

The perfect chance came recently to use Vanish Gold PowerGel when Mummy treated me to a chocolate ice cream after school – on one of the glorious hot days we have been enjoying. The ice cream was melting really quickly, and before I knew it it was dripping all over my white polo shirt.

It was another couple of hours before we got home, it was really hot, and the chocolate ice cream had dried good and proper on my top.

Vanish Gold PowerGel Works Wonders

This was a few seconds after Mummy put the Vanish Gold PowerGel on the stains.

Mummy held out no hope whatsoever of Vanish Gold PowerGel removing the stains. She dabbed the solution on to each stain, using the rubbing head of the bottle to gently rub the PowerGel into the stains. She left it for five minutes then popped it into the washing machine on a normal wash cycle.

When the wash finished, Mummy took my top out and was amazed – she felt like she was on a TV advert! Every trace of the chocolate ice cream had gone. Every single mark was gone!

Vanish Gold PowerGel Works Wonders

For around £3.50 you can find Vanish Gold PowerGel in the high street at Savers or online.

This is not a collaboration – I just wanted to share this with you.

Have you tried a treatment like this before?



  1. I need to get something like this as I’ve started wearing more white and I am so bad at dropping things down myself x

  2. Thank you for sharing. Little man always come home from school with stains on his uniform. I will pick up some next time I am shopping!

  3. I find Vanish so good for stains so I will definitely be checking out the Powergel!

  4. Ah stains are the bane of my life sometimes! This sounds like a great product for getting stains out

  5. Good lord, I didn’t think anything could get chocolate ice cream stains out of clothing. I’ll have to pick some of this up next time I’m at the shop!

  6. I agree with your nana vanish gold is perfect for us mums and grandmas to help keep your clothes nice and white! We use it in every wash.

  7. This is ace, I haven’t heard of this before but me and the other half always manage to ruin our white shirts, my hair dye is my worst enemy 🙁

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