Planning the Holiday of Your Dreams on a Budget

Planning the Holiday of Your Dreams on a Budget


Mummy says… The average British family spent £1,284.54 per person on their summer holidays last year. This increased by about £200 from 2016 and the numbers are expected to rise in 2018. Although the prices for hotels, flights, and tourist attractions are increasing, you can still holiday on a budget. By taking some time to plan ahead and cutback, you can plan the holiday of your dreams on a reasonable budget. We have some tips to help you and your family explore the world….

Planning the Holiday of Your Dreams on a Budget

Travel During Off-Peak Seasons

New Year, Easter, and Summer bank holidays may seem like great times to travel. You and your family are off from work or school and you have extra time to explore. However, this also means that everyone will be traveling at the same time as you and hotels, as well as tourist attractions, will be skyrocketing their prices. Therefore, you should book travel during off-peak seasons such as February, March, September, October or November. You will get cheaper deals on hotels, flights, and attraction tickets during these times. You should also book your travel during the middle of the weak. Generally, it’s cheaper to fly or stay in a hotel on Tuesdays to Thursdays than the weekend.

Plan Ahead of Time or Book Last Minute

You should try to plan your trip at least six weeks in advance. This will help you find the best price on many travel amenities. However, if you’re spontaneous and flexible, you can also find great deals when you book last minute. When hotels or flights are not full, these companies will drastically reduce their prices a day or two before the reservation date simply to sell what they can. Therefore, if your weekend getaway on the Friday prior to your departure, you can snag some amazing deals.

Prepare to Cook for Yourself

One of the most expensive elements of a vacation is the food. Eating out at touristy restaurants or pigging out at the hotel can be extremely costly. You can expect to pay about £50 per person per day for food. This adds up, especially if you’re traveling as a family. Instead of eating out every night, try cooking during your trip. You can pick up food and ingredients at a nearby shop and have a fun night attempting to cook the local cuisine. You didn’t travel just to eat, so this can save you money to spend on other entertaining sightseeing activities.

The price of hotels, flights, and tourist attractions are constantly increasing. However, with the right planning and tools, you can still plan a wonderful holiday without breaking the bank.

Have you any tips for planning the holiday of your dreams on a budget?

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  1. Great tips – we love cooking for ourselves on holiday, as it is not only cheaper but also easier with the children too 🙂
    Helen recently posted…LIFE UPDATE: Leaving my job and becoming a SAHM/BloggerMy Profile

  2. I can’t believe anyone spends that much on a holiday! We are restricted by the school holidays but I think you can shop around and save money.

  3. These are all great tips. We always travel on a budget so already book holidays starting on a weekday, I’ve found Tuesdays are usually the cheapest flights. I always compare the difference in price between all inclusive and self catering, there is often not much difference and that works out cheaper in the long run. The school holidays restrict us at the moment, we’ve only one more year of being tied to the most expensive holiday time though!

  4. As a solo traveller, I had no idea how much the typical family spend son average on their summer holidays – that’s an eye watering amount! I’m just thinking of all the places I could go with that amount of money LOL! I think the fact that I don’t have to travel during school holidays does mean I’m able to save huge amounts though x

  5. That’s quite an increase. Thanks for the tips, always good to get things on a budget if we can.

  6. These are all great tips for planning the holiday of your dreams on a budget. We’re currently saving to go to Portugal and I’ve found that booking a villa is a LOT cheaper than going in a hotel. Yes, I’ll have to cook every night, but I really don’t mind that. Especially as we’ll be able to eat round our private pool. Bliss 🙂

    Louise x
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  7. I prefer low budget holidays and then splashing out a bit more on dinners out 🙂

  8. Some fab tips here! It’s always best to plan ahead and get those bargains!

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