Weekly Photos Early June 2018

Weekly Photos Early June 2018


Pickle says… We are almost half way through June already, and are still enjoying the most beautiful warm, sunny weather. Here are a couple of photos from last week….

Weekly Photos Early June  2018

5 June – Big sis Lea had her second tattoo in memory of our Great Nana who passed away in April. She has had starbursts on the back of her right shoulder.

6 June – I went to a birthday party of my friends little sister and had my face painted as a Ninja Turtle. Leonardo of course, as he is my favourite.

Weekly Photos Early June  2018

8 June – I had a sleepover at another friends house on my own without Mummy for the first time. We had a BBQ on the beach after school, and I was a really good boy.

9 June – Mummy and I met Nana and we had ice cream and a shell hunting walk on the beach. I paddled in the sea too.

Weekly Photos Early June  2018

10 June – Big brother Luke had his suit arrive for his end of school prom on Friday. He looks so handsome!

12 June – Mummy had a little procedure – a skin tag that was bothering her was removed by the Doctor. She said it hurt but it it has gone and she is very happy!

How have you been? What have you been up to?

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