Top Ways to Travel between Prague and Vienna

Top Ways to Travel between Prague and Vienna


Mummy says…Those who visit Prague usually include Vienna and Budapest on their trip too. After all, the three cities are part of the famous “triangle” tour. There are a few different ways to travel between Prague and Vienna…

Top Ways to Travel between Prague and Vienna

The distance between Prague and Vienna is about 3330 km. Prague is located centrally and lies close to several other major cities and Vienna is one of them. You could make a day trip,
but it would be a very long day. You could go via buses, hire a taxi, rent a car or fly. You
could even go by train. Depending on what you prefer, you could opt for almost any mode of transport.

Traveling by plane is the fastest way to get there while buses are the cheapest option. Night trains operate every day of the week and are a very convenient way to reach your destination overnight.

Driving between Prague and Vienna

Whether going by bus or driving on your own, there is a choice of two routes from Prague to Vienna or vice versa. Keep in mind that either way, you will need to buy a Motorway Sticker, as both routes use the Czech D1 Motorway. There are several taxi transfers from Prague to Vienna. You can easily get a fully licensed taxi and choice of minivans, and coaches. It is reliable and professional transportation and works out to be very cost-effective. Taking a bus is the cheapest way to travel. The first bus departs very early in the morning, and you reach your destination in four hours.

Train – The best way to go

There is no denying that traveling by train is the best way to go. Hop on a train from Vienna to
Prague any time of the day or night. You can buy tickets online or arrive a little early and get the tickets on the platform. A regular Euro City Prague to Vienna train service runs every day. While going by bus is a cheaper option, passengers looking for comfort prefer trains as they get all that extra space on the journey. It is less costly to buy tickets in Prague. Another advantage is that when you buy tickets in Prague, you are not bound by any train schedule. When you book your ticket online, you have to be at the station at a specific time for a specific train. There are additional costs for high-speed trains, border crossing trains, and scenic trains. Railjet trains are very popular as they offer comfortable travel and a direct connection.

One of the best things about a train journey is that it is very scenic. The whole trip would take a
little more than four hours. You can sleep comfortably if on an overnight train, or during the day you can enjoy the picturesque scenes that pass by.

Whatever mode of transport you choose to travel between Prague and Vienna, make sure that
you travel in comfort and enjoy the journey. Consider all the details before you make your
booking and have fun!

Have you travelled between Prague and Vienna?

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