Top Toy Crazes

Top Toy Crazes


Pickle says…. I love toys, especially the latest crazes, I do become a little obsessed with them! Here are some of my top toy crazes (and some from my big sisters and brother too)….

Top Toy Crazes


I love all cars – and if they transform into a super cool robot then even better! I am a huge Transformers and Hot Wheels fan.


All little plastic ‘things’ which are easy to lose and drive Mummy mad (yes, that is the technical definition!) My favourites include:

The Grossery Gang

Tsum Tsums

Num Noms

Busy Books – a set of a book, play mat and 12 little plastic toys. I have Moana, Mickey Mouse, Avengers, Thomas, Lion Guard, and many more.


With aliens or any other creature. Twin aliens is a real treat!


Kinder Eggs

Chocolate AND a toy? Is there anything better? I particular love the Avengers, DC or Ninja Turtles ones. There are some new Ninja Turtles and Power Puff Girls ones that have just come out. The Kinder Eggs chocolate is absolutely delicious too.

Sylvanian Families

I love these little creatures and all the things you can buy for them. Big sis Lea loved them when she was little too and had a manor house, nursery, and loads of Sylvanian families animals.

Blind Bags

From Imaginext Batman to Thomas the Tank Engine, Star Wars to Super Zings I love them ALL. I absolutely hate it though if I get a double of anything. The best ones were the Thomas range which has a code for each character printed on the bag, so you can check who is inside!

Big brother Luke loved collecting Go Go’s, Beyblade toys, Ben 10 figures and sticker books.

Biggest sister MiMi collected Bratz Dolls, Polly Pocket dolls and sets. She also loved Jacqueline Wilson books. As a baby she adored the Teletubbies.

Big sis Lea collected reborn dolls – she loved them and has quite a few (she still has them kept very safely stored under her bed). She loved any sort of doll actually. She had Baby Born, Tiny Tears, Baby Annabel, ones that smelled like strawberries, tiny ones, and all the clothes and equipment for them too!

Have your children had any top toy crazes?


  1. Why do they collect so much stuff. My son had the grossery gang toys but I got fed up of standing on them and refuse to buy them anymore. He also collects cars any type of car transforming or not. I wonder what my daughter will want to collect when she gets to that age.

  2. Good list of toy crazes. Mine are obsessed with a few of these especially slime. They even make their own slime now!
    MELANIE EDJOURIAN recently posted…Visiting Torremolinos With ChildrenMy Profile

  3. I have to agree with you on Kinder Eggs. I used to collecting them as a kid but now I would like them just for the chocolate haha!

  4. My kids both like pretty much all of these. I’m happy with the Lego craze as us adults love it too!

  5. My son is also a huge fan of cars and he loves all kinds of cars that sell in different shapes and sizes. Giving a car set can never be a wrong present for a little boy.

  6. My kids love most of these things too! Blind bags especially, its the thrill of finding out whats inside! My little girl absolutely adores L.O.L Surprise dolls too! xx
    Jess Howliston recently posted…Family Holiday’s at Bluestone Wales **REVIEW**My Profile

  7. I think my kids have been through most of these and slime still reigns in our house. There is the stuff everywhere! Mich x
    Michelle Twin Mum recently posted…Planning our Perfect Paris GetawayMy Profile

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