End of Another Era

End of Another Era


Mummy says… It has been quite an emotional time lately. Big sister Lea has handed in all her college course work and finishes this week, as well as starting a new job at Tesco.  She will be starting to prepare for Uni in London in September. Big bro Luke has now finished his GCSE’s, finished school and had his school prom last Friday….

End of Another Era

It is the end of another era. Time flies by so quickly – we are half way through this year already – I am still getting over Christmas! We have had major milestones for the last few years – with four children there is always something beginning or ending, a big birthday, a new first to celebrate.

I am thankful every day for my children – for being blessed with four amazing human beings who I get to call my children. They teach me as much as I teach them, and I am super proud of each one of them.

Being a single mum is not easy. Transporting teens her there and everywhere is as exhausting as looking after a 5 year old. Worrying about each one – for very different reasons is exhausting. But having my eldest daughter call me and talk to me like her best friend, having my teen son tell me he loves me every time he talks to me, having my teen daughter thanking me every day for being the best mum, and having my Ickle Pickle telling me he has a tummy pain because he misses me so much makes me the happiest, proudest Mumma ever.

End of Another Era

As another school / college year draws to an end it is the end of another era in our family. We are looking forward to spending the summer together as much as we can and having lots of adventures before lots of big changes in September. Pickle will have left Early Years and moves into Year 1 (how did that happen?), Luke starts a Creative Media course in college, Lea starts at a music Uni in London and my eldest, MiMi is planning to travel to Bali towards the end of the year on her own.

End of Another Era

So, we have lots to look forward to – how is your year going?


  1. I can imagine being a single mum can’t be easy especially when you have teens. It sounds like there have been lots of things happening this year. Wishing your daughter happy and safe travels in Bali.
    MELANIE EDJOURIAN recently posted…The Thumbs Up Roller WheelMy Profile

  2. You must be so proud, all making their way in the world and off pursuing their dreams!
    Gemma recently posted…Long Weekend in Cheddar – with the Camping and Caravanning ClubMy Profile

  3. How quick does time fly! It is scary how quickly it does and the milestone and memories we create 🙂 x

  4. It’s so lovely that you’re taking a moment to pause and reflect, and remember all these amazing milestones. Plus you have so many lovely pictures to cherish and keep.

  5. You have such beautiful children! My year has gone so fast I don’t even know where to start, at least i know I have done a few things on my list for this year.

  6. You must be so proud of each one, they sound like great kids.

  7. You have such amazing children, you have certainly raised them well and good luck to them for the future.

  8. We are having a year of milestones too – Abbey is buying her first flat, Callan just turned 21 (today) and Kian is off to university in Sept too! Now I need to start looking at secondary schools for Isaac

  9. Wow what a lot of change but such happy change, you have good reason to feel proud!

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