5 Top Netflix UK Series

5 Top Netflix UK Series


Mummy says… I adore Netflix – so much so that I very rarely watch ‘normal’ TV anymore. I have been binge watching Netflix for well over a year now and want to share with you my 5 Top Netflix UK Series. There are no spoilers – just recommendations for some great shows….

5 Top Netflix UK Series

  1. Dexter. A ‘good’ serial killer kills ‘bad’ serial killers. Confused? Well if you love thrillers,with twists and turns this is for you. It is very gory, but worth it for the plot and acting.
  2. Bates Motel. Based on the infamous cult ‘Psycho’ story this is TV gold. Almost too inappropriate, but never quite too much, I loved this.
  3. Breaking Bad. I avoided this for years due to the heavy drug theme, but actually it is a genius series with incredible characters. It is so worth overlooking the drug content.
  4. Homeland – It started on BB2 but all seasons are available on Netflix. I just love dramas with an American political backdrop and this is one of the best.
  5. Safe – new for 2018, a gripping thriller / drama which kept me glued. Such a great plot and characters.

There are SO many series and films to choose from, from all genres and for all ages. It is really difficult to choose 5 Top Netflix UK Series, but for now these are the ones I loved best. Netflix can be watched on smart phones and devices via the app, or via an Apple TV box, Amazon Fire stick or directly on your smart TV – my TV has a dedicated Netflix button on the remote control.

I set up different profiles for all the family so we can each keep track of our favourites, and there is a Children’s one too, only allowing access to appropriate content.

Netlfix UK does offer different content to the US Netflix and you can’t access the US content (Boo!). From only £5.99 per month, Netflix UK is worth every penny! If you haven’t joined yet, you can try it for a month, FREE!

Are you a Netflix fan? What are your favourite shows?



  1. I bloody love Bates Motel!
    I can’t wait to start Safe. I have a couple things to finish first but it’s on my list!

  2. It sometimes feels like we’re the only people NOT to have Netflix but then I read this and find that I’ve seen four out of five of these anyway so maybe I’m not missing out after all? Does it have many ‘original’ shows or are they mostly repeats from satellite channels then?

  3. we’re about to sort out our Netflix, we are still Netflix-less. I know, about time! Now that both children are sleeping through, we can actually watch quality telly.

  4. I’ve seen most of Homeland and it’s brilliant. But Breaking Bad is absolutely head and shoulders above many other shows. Sure, the drug theme is heavy but the desperation of someone seemingly “normal” resorting to that shows a lot about real life issues and the human aspect. All the characters are very human and I loved that about the show.

  5. Breaking Bad was the first Netflix series I ever got into – it never gets old!

  6. I love Netflix and watch this often when I visit family or friends, at the moment with kids in our house, they seem to be hogging the TV. Love Homeland.

  7. Love Dexter. I’ve seen it all. It was a fantastic series. I haven’t seen Bates Motel I’ll have to see if I can find it on catch up. We don’t have Netflix so hope I can find it.
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  8. I’ve never actually seen any of these, i shall have to give them a watch

  9. I used to absolutely love Dexter. Such a cool concept and love that he sticks to his code. Unfortunately I stopped watching it a few seasons in, think I need to have a catch up.

  10. I signed up for the free trial and watched that for a month but didnt subscribe. There are so many box sets and programmes I can watch on my phone for free on one app or another that I don’t really need it .

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