Farewell to one Amazing Lady

Farewell to one Amazing Lady


Pickle says… On Monday 9 April we lost one amazing lady, Mummy’s Nana, and our Great Nana. She was 97 years old and an incredible, strong, inspirational lady. Last Wednesday, 2 May, we said goodbye to her at her funeral. It has been a difficult time, which is why Mummy has been missing in action online. My Nan wrote the Eulogy, and with her permission Mummy has shared it in this post as a tribute to her….

Farewell to one Amazing Lady

My Uncle G read the Eulogy out at the service.

“Edith was born in 1920 into a poor but loving and stable family with her Mum, Dad, 5 sisters and 2 brothers. At the age of 14 she went to work at Smiths Wireworks and at the outbreak of Word War II she worked at Hodkinsons Foundry where they became known as ‘the foundry girls’.
The lowest point in her life was after the war when, with 2 young sons Jim and Peter, she had to burn furniture to keep warm. This was a time of poverty but it gave her great strength and determination that she would never be in this situation again. She learnt to value money and never get into debt, she always said ‘neither a lender or a borrower be’ and she practiced this all her life.

Edith spent the rest of her working life as a sewing machinist, a job which she excelled at and enjoyed. Thankfully her skills were passed down to her daughter…but sadly not her granddaughters! Sorry Karen (Mummy) and Jo…it’s true!
She met Eric and married him in 1949. As well as their love for each other, Edith also had a love for modern sequence dancing. It was not something that Eric took an interest in initially but after having been persuaded in the way that only wives can persuade their husbands…i.e uncomfortable stares and deathly silences…(gents you know what i’m taking about) he soon gave in and they never looked back.

Edith and Eric were very happy together and the arrival of Pat (My Nana) and (Uncle) David made their life complete. Her other love was family holidays; Rhyl when the children were young, Saundersfoot when Pat (my Nana) and Keith (my Grandad) moved there. Also Torquay, Norfolk and Blackpool. She also loved the Isle of Man with the excitement of the TT races. Amazingly, it wasn’t until she was in her 80’s that David persuaded her to take her first flight over instead of taking the ferry…and she loved it.
She always had a love of life, never complained, kept her sense of humour and could always make people smile even under the very worst of circumstances including her recent falls, hospital stays and battle with breast cancer.

She would never be rushed when getting ready to go out even if this did cause (Uncle) David’s blood pressure to rise. Testimony to this is whenever she went out for a meal. After scrutinising the menu she would look up and say “nothing much on there I really fancy”…and would always revert back to her default option of gammon and chips. Inevitably at least half of this gammon would end up wrapped in one of her tissues and secreted securely in her handbag, “a little something for supper” she would exclaim with a knowing smile on her face.
Now…when it came to having a cup of tea, woe betide anyone who didn’t make it to her
exacting standards, i.e mashing the tea bag until the leaves were devoid of flavour followed by several minutes of steeping. Edith’s ideal cuppa even had local builders exclaiming “wow… that’s strong!”. She will be pleased to know that the love of a good strong brew has been passed on to Amy (MiMi my biggest sister).

Farewell to one Amazing Lady great nana 4 great nana 3 great nana 2 great nana 1

This part was written by my Uncle G….

If you’ll allow me just a moment to indulge a couple of my own personal memories of Edith – I was always equal parts amused and amazed that two ladies, Edith and Lily, both well into their 80’s would catch the bus every Thursday to the Trafford centre, sandwiches in hand, go and buy a cup of tea (strong of course) from McDonalds then sit on a bench in the main thoroughfare and watch the world go by…no doubt with a barbed social comment or two usually along the lines of ‘look at the state on that’ They also used to love settling in of an evening at Great Nana’s home and watch a film together. Nothing unusual in that you may say.
Which of the classics was it? Gone with the Wind? North by Northwest? Singin’ in the Rain? Casablanca? Starring some of Hollywood’s greatest actors and actresses from the golden age of the silver screen. Carey Grant? Clarke Gable? Bette Davies or Audrey Hepburn?
Nope…nothing so reserved and stately. Not for these two. Their film of choice would be the latest slice of kung-fu, wig splitting ultra-violence from either Steven Segal or Jackie Chan!

Respect ladies, respect!

In her early 90’s she considered that wheelchairs, walking sticks and nursing homes were for the elderly which, according to her, she definitely was not. It wasn’t until February this year when Karen and the children (Mummy and us) visited her that she finally admitted in her own words “97 bloody hell that’s old”
She lived a long and happy life and was married to Eric for 47 years until sadly he passed away just after their first grandchild Matt (my cousin) was born in 1996. She was incredibly proud and much loved by her 4 children, 6 Granddaughters and 12 great grandchildren including the newest family member, Michelle and Scott’s son George ( he was born last week) who she didn’t get to meet but would have loved just as much as the others.
At this sad time, as well as losing Edith we have also had the tragedy of losing (Uncle) Peter, our thoughts and prayers go to Aunty Edith, Michelle and family.
Edith was always grateful for the love and attention her family gave her especially during her declining years. We were privileged and honoured that she walked this path with us for so long and her last words to Pat (Nana) were that she loved us all and would always be with us.

Goodnight and God bless Edith x x



  1. I’m so very sorry for your loss. Am sending you so much love. xx

  2. she sounds like an incredible woman – what a ripe old age to get to. Sending hugs, sorry for your loss x

  3. That is such a beautiful eulogy. It’s a lovely tribute to a woman who sounds quite amazing. Sorry for your loss.

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss, Edith sounds like an amazing woman x

  5. This is such a sweet post. I am so sorry for your loss, Edith sounds like a great woman x
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  6. I am so sorry to hear this Kaz. She sounds like an amazing and inspirational lady and such a strong woman! I love all the family photos.

  7. What an amazing lady. So sorry for your loss Kaz xx

  8. So sorry Kaz – she was obviously an inspirational lady. My mum’s the same when she goes for a meal too – baked potatoes with prawns. She doesn’t hide them in her handbag though x

  9. I love how some people at the later stage of their lives are still young at heart and get involved in activities that keep them healthy.

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