Tips to Let in Light

Tips to Let in Light


Mummy says…Natural light is fundamental to our sense of wellbeing and plenty of sunlight streaming into your home has a positive effect on your mood and that of your family. The reality, however, is that many family homes in the UK are dark and gloomy. That is particularly apparent in many new-build homes, often criticised for being small, cramped and without much natural light coming in due to small windows.
Even if your house is dark and dull, it is possible to increase how much light comes in significantly. Here are some ideas of how you can create more light in even the darkest rooms of your home….

Tips to Let in Light

Make the most of your mirrors
Strategically placed mirrors can make the most of the natural light in your home. They also make rooms appear bigger by reflecting light. Placing a large mirror opposite a window will reflect incoming light creating the illusion of a lighter and larger space. Even just positioning a large mirror above the sofa, could be all that is needed to add some natural light to the room. You can also dramatically increase the amount of light by placing mirrors of the same size opposite one another. That gives the room a greater feeling of depth and makes the space feel much lighter and larger.
Use colour to create more light
The colours you choose for your home can have a huge impact on the way the light travels around a room. Dark colours absorb natural light, so avoid deep, dark colours, especially on walls furthest away from the windows. White, creams and light grey colours will work better, allowing natural light to bounce around, brightening up the room. A shinier, satin paint finish can help reflect the light much better than a matt paint. Don’t forget the floor. Choosing a light colour for rugs, tiles or floor paint can instantly lift a room and make it feel much brighter and lighter.
Give your windows some special treatment
Thick and heavy curtains can absorb valuable natural light. Replacing them with lightweight fabrics in light colours can make a significant difference to the natural light in the room. For a sleek, minimalist look, shutters offer a great solution. Even the lowest cost shutters look fantastic, protect your privacy and control the amount of natural light that enters the room. Choosing white shutters, alongside white walls, also gives the entire room a lift and helps to make it seem larger.
To allow maximum light to come into the room, avoid blocking windows with large ornaments or
furniture. So that you can get the most benefit from it the light should have a clear path into the room.
Ensure it becomes part of your daily routine to open your curtains or blinds as far as they will go.
Be more transparent with your doors
Changing the doors within your home can make a significant difference to the amount of daylight that flows through the rooms. Clear, frosted, mirrored or even tinted glass can be used to introduce more daylight without sacrificing any privacy. Replace all the doors within your home for a truly wonderful effect. These days, glass doors like this are made from toughened glass, so are safe even with young
children running around.
If you want to keep your current doors without adding glass, then consider painting all of them white.
That will not just give them a uniform look but will cause them to reflect natural and artificial light helping to create a light and airy feel in the rooms.
Use lighting effectively
While natural daylight is the best form of lighting for your home, you will, of course, also need to consider how you use other forms of lighting. A room full of light feels much more spacious. Make sure each room gets lit in all corners, particularly those awkward corners which often miss out on natural light. Strategically placed lamps can make a huge difference to the light and mood of a room as can dimmer switches. While dimmer lighting is often used to create a softer lighting effect to a room, it can also be used the opposite way to create a bright, well-lit space.
If your family home is particularly dark, then it is possible to transform it into a light and airy space.
Just a few simple changes can make a noticeable difference to the natural light in your home, creating
a healthy family living space.

Do you have a light airy house, or not? I am lucky in that I do – except for my hallway. Have you any tips to let in light?


  1. Some fantastic tips! We have had such a miserable Winter and it has been so dark! I can feel my mood lifting now that the days are lighter… and brighter now the sun is finally shining! It’s funny how the light can affect your mood! Sim x

  2. I’m so glad the evenings are lighter no as our kitchen can be so dark. We have just had bi-fold doors fitted though and it makes such a difference
    Rebecca | AAUBlog recently posted…How Much Personality Are You Willing To Gift Your Home?My Profile

  3. Really great tips! I’ve decided to take most of the curtains down in our house (is that weird?) so we can let in more light. I’ve also made sure there’s a mirror in every room too!
    Sarah recently posted…Reviewing My 2018 GoalsMy Profile

  4. New builds are notorious for being small an dark, i love your tips. I make use of my mirrors a lot to bring in more light into my home

  5. Great tips! The dark days and nights are what I really struggle with in the winter, I need lighter evenings!

  6. Great tips I would love my house to be more light and airy.

  7. Excellent ideas, thank you! I love shutters, and I think they’re one of those things that shouldn’t have gone out of fashion because they’re so useful, as well as elegant.

  8. These tips are great because they really work. I love how much light we get into out home.

  9. Great tips, I love homes to be as light as possible and using mirrors is such a great way to reflect the light all around.

  10. Ohh these are such good tips! We are about to redo the house and will definitely need to plan how to decorate and ensure we have more light in the rooms. Love these tips!

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