Seven Must See Attractions in Vietnam

Seven Must See Attractions in Vietnam


Mummy says… Vietnam, also referred to as Indo China, is a small nation situated in southwest Asia along the Indochina peninsula. Though tiny, it has many intriguing attractions on offer comparable with most other Asian destinations. Having being under the rule of Chinese, French and finally the Americans, the combined influence of these have resulted in a country bestowed with incredibly rich culture and history. If you are lucky enough to visit this beautiful place, make sure you check out these seven must see attractions in Vietnam…

Ho Chi Minh City
Formerly known as Saigon, this is is the ideal place to begin your tour of Vietnam. The city played a very important part in the infamous Vietnam war, and the same is reflected in the various spots here. The War Remnants Museum houses the remains of the artillery and airforce of the 30 year war the country waged with the US. A guided tour of the Chi Chi Tunnels takes visitors deep into these intricate underground passages built by the Vietcong to fight the war. The Reunification Palace is the site where final victory was claimed by the Vietnamese over the Americans. This palace was the headquarters during the war and was a scene of many a strategy and tactical planning.

Seven Must See Attractions in Vietnam
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Halong Bay
The emerald blue waters which lap the shores of the numerous limestone islands are the major tourist draws of Vietnam. Places like Lan Ha Bay, which has over 300 islands, are ideal for snorkeling and viewing underwater marine life. The nearby Cat Ba National Park is home to the spectacular golden headed langur and many other wildlife species. Other important draw for visitors here is the Cannon Fort, with its series of tunnels and remnants of guns of the WW2 era.
Nha Trang
Apart from being a paradise for beach lovers, Nha Trang has plenty of attractions. The famous Buddha Statue, sitting on a lotus, is visible from all areas of the city and is an iconic 14 m high landmark. The Po Nagar Cham Towers were built in the 12th century and are a significant place of worship for the Buddhist devotees.
Located 700 km south of Hanoi, Hue is a UNESCO World Heritage site, sitting on the shores of
the Song Huong River.This former capital is home to the Hue Citadel, which comprise the four citadels which make up this city. The Emperor Tombs and Mu Pagoda are other top tourist draws of the city.

Seven Must See Attractions in Vietnam
Hoi An
This well persevered ancient town is also a World Heritage UNESCO site, which showcases the influence of the countries which once ruled Vietnam. The highlights here are the Japanese Covered Bridge, Museum of Trade Ceramics and My Son Sanctuary which bears the marks of the Champa civilization between the 2nd and 17th centuries. Another UNESCO site is the three kilometre long Cua Dai Beach with its crystal clear waters.
Sapa is a well known hill station located in north west Vietnam, founded by the French in 1922. The scenic town also serves as an important base camp for trekking to the Hoang Lien Son mountains.
Da Nang
This modern port city is of great importance to the country being a large trade centre. With a 30km long coastline, Da Nang is great for outdoor activities too like, skiing, diving and fishing. The dragon bridge over the Han River is the most beautiful landmark of the city.

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