Mindful Reasons To Keep Your Brain Healthy

Mindful Reasons To Keep Your Brain Healthy


Mummy says…Health professionals tend to focus on our physical bodies. Most “expert” advice centres on how to lose weight and how to eat healthily. As important as the body is to health, the brain and mind are essential. Seen as it’s the organ which conducts the orchestra, it has to be in prime condition if we are going to stay fit. Mental health, quite simply, is vital and people are starting to see why. For those who are still unsure why the mind doesn’t take care of itself, below are a few answers…

Mindful Reasons To Keep Your Brain Healthy

I have some reasons why you need to keep your brain healthy:

Mental Disease

In the past, a mental disease was classified as having dementia or being certifiably insane. Being ‘down’ or ‘having the blues’ was a sign of weakness.  That’s how people used to react when a friend or family member would tell them they were feeling down or thinking negative thoughts. Nowadays, depression is real and it affects 1 in 4 people according to Mind. Living with a mild case of it is hard enough, but ignoring the brain can lead to bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and more.

Physical Impacts

It’s easy to see the two elements as separate. One is the mind, consciousness, and the other is a mass of bone covered in skin. Recently, however, research has shown that mental problems will impact the physical form. Consider stress. High cortisol levels occur because of a mixture of tension and anxiety and the inability to find a release. If you think this is only going to make you a little depressed, then think again. Stress can cause side-effects such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and hair loss to name three. It can also lead to rapid ageing which lowers life expectancy. Take care of the brain and it will protect the body.


Everyone is susceptible to drug or alcohol abuse because the chemicals in the substances impact the brain’s processes. However, there is a term called “addictive personality” which suggests some people are more at risk. The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly, the feeling of euphoria that is common with substance abuse fills a hole, one that was created by mental health issues. Secondly, the emotion is intensified because of the vulnerability impact. Visit Addiction Recovery Centre to find out more. Drug Abuse is another handy resource, too.

Use It Or Lose It

The brain is a muscle. Like all of them, it will atrophy if it isn’t trained properly. As soon as it starts to lose mass, it won’t be as effective. Apart from health impacts, there are other side-effects too. The Best Brain Possible states that productivity and life enjoyment are based on the mind. So, a bad brain may inhibit your work goals as well as your lifestyle. There’s only one, so it’s worth safeguarding.

How do you try to keep your brain healthy?


  1. Yes! So true! I keep mine healthy by never stopping I’m always on the go trying to think of new ways to keep active and try new things! Eating healthy is so important too. I’m pregnant at the moment and really watching what I eat! I have two brains to look after!

  2. I agree taking of our brains is so important I know some people are still afraid to discuss mental illnesses but it’s important to do so as well as general mindfulness

  3. I try to keep my brain healthy by doing things I love as I think mental health is so important x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…How I Organised My Makeup In My Alex DrawersMy Profile

  4. Great reasons. I notice how mushy my brain feels if I don’t use it. I need to be doing something that stretches my thought processes.

  5. I agree with all of these. I have been dealing with a neurological disorder since I had my youngest so four years ago and I worry a lot about keeping my brain healthy, it’s even more important for me now.

  6. Taking care of our minds is SO important. I like what you said about ‘the organ that conducts the orchestra’. I feel like I did quite a lot of damage to my mind & body in my reckless younger years, so it’s even more important to me now x
    Sarah recently posted…My Sunday Photo – DaffodilsMy Profile

  7. all fantastic reasons! I try to do something challenging for my mind every day, but also practice mindfulness which is another great way to promote positive brain activity 🙂

  8. this was a great read, i try to speak what i think to keep my brain healthy!

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