Highs and Lows of March 2018

Highs and Lows of March 2018


Pickle says… We are now in April, how can that be possible? Where did March go? We are still on our Easter Holidays and want to share with you our March….

Highs and Lows of March 2018


WE HAD SNOW! For the first time in eight years we had snow! It started on March 1, schools and college closed at 1pm, and we woke to it on Friday 2 March. And a little more on 17th. It has been freezing most of the time, with the odd bright, warmer day.


march 2018

march 2018


St David’s Day – we are allowed to dress up – I wore a Dragon hoody!

Snow! Snow which meant a day and a half off school. It was so exciting!

Mummy had a holiday to Puglia in Italy with big sister MiMi.

We did have a lovely day to Folly Farm in the sunshine, our first of the year.

I had my last Easter Hat parade in school, as it is my last year in Early Years.

Mummy and I had a sleepover at friends on the 3oth for Easter. It was loads of fun. Mummy drank rather a lot of wine and prosecco 😉

march 2018 c march 2018

march 2018


Mummy had a terrible journey home from Puglia due to the snow and freezing temperatures!

I was poorly with a throat infection. I had to take antibiotics.

Apart from the weather being awful, we had quite a good March.

How was your March? Has Spring sprung with you yet?



  1. I am ready for some sunshine, hurry up summer (or expensive beach holiday). The snow was fun though whilst it lasted

  2. cold March but April, although a bit foggy this week promises the new spring! we are making the most of it with long dog walks !

  3. Where is that village with the white walls and stone roof tiles? Puglia? It’s so pretty!

  4. It sounds like you guys had a great March overall. We had lots of snow during March. We couldn’t get out for almost a week!

    Louise x
    Louise recently posted…How to Light Your Baby’s New RoomMy Profile

  5. March was indeed terrible weather wise, but glad you had a good month!
    Eva Katona recently posted…Traditional Hungarian Quark Strudel RecipeMy Profile

  6. Snow in march just seems wrong doesn’t it. Love the photo with the giraffe height!

  7. Your reaction to snow made me laugh, as it is snowing here as I’m writing this (April 15th). But your mommy’s vacation in Puglia sounds wonderful!

  8. Aw I remember the Easter Hat parades at my two’s school. Seems like a very long time ago. Sounds like you had a great March apart from the usual illnesses. My two have both had slapped cheek this Easter. Typical!

  9. Italy sounds amazing! and yes totally agree the snow was both a high and a low — it was just so cold!!

  10. Lovely pictures! I’m glad you had an ok month.

  11. Sorry to hear you had a throat infection little one, I hope those antibiotics sorted you out pretty fast! Other than a few lows, sounds like you and the family had a great March x

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