Bringing your New Baby home

Bringing your New Baby home


Pickle says….When Mummy was pregnant with me there were oodles and oodles of things that she wanted to get for me, that the magazines and websites told her she must have for me. Luckily, I was Mummy’s fourth baby so she new exactly what she needed for me when I was newborn and coming home from hospital….

Bringing your New Baby home

The essentials Mummy needed to bring me home were:

  1. A car seat for me. Mummy had mine as part of my pram system. I cannot travel in a car without a proper car seat.
  2. Somewhere to sleep safely. I had a wicker moses basket for the first few weeks of my life. It felt much cosier than a big cot. Bedding, including sheets and cotton blankets. I do not need pillows or duvets. I liked being swaddled in a light blanket when I was first born.
  3. Nappies. Disposable or cloth, there are many to choose from. I had disposable. Make sure you have plenty of whatever you choose. Baby wipes, or cotton wool and baby lotion to keep me clean, and a cream such as Sudocrem if I get nappy rash.
  4. Food. Mummy bottle fed us so needed bottles, teats, a steriliser, bottle brush and of course formula milk powder for me. Variflow teats were the ones Mummy found best as the milk flowed according to how I was sucking the teat.
  5. Clothes. Soft, cotton baby vests and baby suits are perfect for me when I am very new, they are easy to put on and off me, and make nappy changing easier. There are tons of cute baby outfits out there – but when I was newborn, the simpler really was the better.

Smyth’s Toys have an awesome new baby catalogue available which has a huge range of essentials for bringing your new baby home, and everything your baby will ever need at great prices.

You can get the new baby catalogue free in store, or have a look through it online, on the Smyth’s website. With free delivery over £25, next day delivery and click and collect options, they have made everything super simple so you can concentrate on spending every moment possible with your new baby.

What are your essentials for bringing your new baby home?

This is a collaborative post.


  1. I had good experience with Smyth too! They are just awesome!

  2. Very useful information for new mums! I will have to share with my cousin she is due in a few weeks.

  3. Yes, these all sound spot on, I don’t think I have anything to add, those first few days ae such a blur it’s good to have it all in ready.

  4. Really useful list. I was surprised with how much Smyths had for babies, I’d always just considered them a toy store.

  5. Really useful list, short and sweet! Baby suits are an essential! Newborns are so difficult and delicate to get dressed, you don’t want anything too fiddly!
    Sarah recently posted…Getting The Garden Ready For SummerMy Profile

  6. Not gonna lie, some bloggers give such a long list of “essentials” that can cost a leg and an arm. Your list is short and sweet. Babies don’t need tons of things but few practical things.

  7. What a fab list, my friend is pregnant with her first and has already bought so many ‘essentials’ for her baby. I’ll have to share this with her x
    Stephanie Merry recently posted…My high-end handbag storyMy Profile

  8. Excellent advice. It’s always best to hear it from other parents.

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