5 Reasons to Choose a Villa Holiday in Puglia

5 Reasons to Choose a Villa Holiday in Puglia


Mummy says… Last month I was lucky enough to be invited to stay in a beautiful villa in Puglia with Raro Villas and Bookings for You. I have 5 reasons why you should choose a villa holiday in Puglia….

5 Reasons to Choose a Villa Holiday in Puglia

Raro villas offer over and above what you might expect from a villa holiday, I stayed in one of their luxury villas with Bookings for You in Ostuni, Puglia, Italy.

Here are 5 Reasons to Choose a Villa Holiday in Puglia with Raro Villas and Bookings for You:

  1. They will arrange a Taxi transfer to your villa from Bari or Brindisi Airport, or arrange care hire for you.
  2. You can prebook a welcome hamper of basic essentials and a variety of local produce to get you settled in when you arrive.
  3. There is a private chef available to come to you villa, prepare and cook a delicious meal for you. Or a cookery masterclass can be arranged.
  4. Make the most of the local area with scheduled excursions. I recommend Alberobello, a traditional Truli village, or visit a traditional Italian bakery in . Maybe a cheese farm is more your thing – Raro Villas can arrange a wide variety of excursions for you.
  5. Book a babysitter – it is wonderful to have your family with you on holiday – and they will love this region of Italy, but it is such a treat to have a rare night out to a local restaurant on your own too!

puglia villa 1 puglia villa 2 5 Reasons to Choose a Villa Holiday in Puglia

I had the opportunity to take part in a fantastic Pasta MasterClass, which can also be arranged at your villa, and it was absolutely brilliant.

A wonderful Italian lady came with her grandmothers recipes and showed us how to make pasta from scratch. She explained the process, the different types of pasta and which sauces / dishes they suit best.

We had the chance to have a go at making our own, and at the end of the evening we ate several delicious pasta dishes made freshly and served to us. It was a fantastic evening of real local entertainment, food and drink. I highly recommend it.

Whatever excursions you are keen to enjoy, Bookings For You and their partners, Raro Villas, would be happy to try and organise them. Just ask!

I was a guest of Raro Villas and Bookings for You in exchange for my honest review blog posts.


  1. Oh I love Puglia so much and I agree that a villa is a lovely way to experience it, I love the idea of having someone come to you to tach you how to make pasta, perfect!

  2. I would love to visit Puglia and even though Caitlin is 10 and Ieuan is 8, the idea of a babysitter so the hubby and I can escape for a meal on our own is extremely tempting!

  3. Sounds like such an incredible trip, I want to take my parents back to Italy as they enjoyed our recent visit to Tuscany. I am envious of the masterclass

  4. I love the idea of a private chef, what a lovely treat!

  5. Oh wow I’m loving this place. We have never stayed in a villa before and it sounds so appealing now. We also ventured into Italy last month whilst on a ski trip and it’s such a beautiful country. Would also love someone to teach me how to make pasta 🙂

  6. A private chef? I’m there!! I’m currently planning my summer travels so will be adding this to my bookmarks 😀

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