Win a Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet (1)

Win a Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet


To celebrate Spring we are so excited to be giving away a Win a Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet with a blue bumper. I recently had one of these and love it SO much that we have decided to give one away to a lucky reader! It is worth £99 We love giving our readers the chance to win some awesome prizes – and this is pretty awesome we think!

Win a Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet (1)

It is worth  a whopping £99! We love giving our readers the chance to win some awesome prizes on our blog and we think this is pretty awesome!

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet, 7″ Display, 16 GB, Blue Kid-Proof Case features:

  • A 2-year worry-free guarantee, 1 year of Fire For Kids Unlimited and a blue Kid-Proof Case. If they break it, return it and we’ll replace it for free. 
  • A full-featured Fire 7 with a 7″ IPS display, 16 GB of internal storage and up to 8 hours of mixed-use battery life. You can add a microSD card for up to 256 GB of storage.
  • One year of Fire For Kids Unlimited gives your children access to over 5,000 popular apps and games, videos, books and educational content from Disney, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street and many more.
  • Selected access to videos, books, Audible content, and apps in your personal library, such as Netflix, YouTube, and Minecraft.
  • Best-in-class parental controls where you can manage usage limits, content access and educational goals all in a safe kid-friendly environment.
  • Amazon Parent Dashboard with Discussion Cards enables parents to discover the titles their children enjoy.

Win a Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet (2) Win a Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet (1)

The only mandatory entry is to answer the question ‘What do you love most about Spring?’ All the other entries are optional.

Full T&C can be found within the Rafflecopter widget. Competition ends on 26 April at midnight. UK entrants only. Good Luck!

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  1. The longer and warmer days so I can enjoy taking our little dog out – she hates the cold!

  2. today has been a lovely sunny spring day, love to feel the warmth of the sun on my face!

  3. baby animals being born and the vague hopes of turning the central heating down

  4. We love the clocks going forward so we have more time to play after school

  5. Finally getting some warming sun!

  6. I love the lighter evenings and all the spring flowers

  7. Great tablet for your prize.
    Thank you.

  8. My favourite part of spring is seeing the spring flowers bloom, first snowdrops then yellow daffs, purple crocus and bluebells. So pretty.

  9. Seeing all the flowers come out .x

  10. I love the spring colours and the lighter evenings

  11. Long walks in the meadows and footpaths of Norfolk watching the busy wildlife

  12. The lighter nights and a little warmer weather!

  13. I love that it finally starts getting warm enough to not have to lug around a winter coat every time you leave the house

  14. Lighter evenings – more outdoor fun after school

  15. I love the better weather and baby lambs.

  16. The beautiful Spring flowers.

  17. New life and spending more time outside

  18. I love the daffodils! And all of the other beautiful wild flowers that come out

  19. I love being able to potter about in my garden

  20. Love the warmer weather and the lighter days to enjoy the outdoors

  21. Being outside more with the sun popping out

  22. the daffodils!
    they just make me feel all happy when i see them start to pop up! it makes me notice that the warmer weather should be on its way!

  23. I love the colours that appear after so much grey!

  24. I love not having to wear a big chunky coat any more, it feels so much lighter x
    Christine Taylor recently posted…Aged 16-17? Sign up with NCS this Summer. Let’s bring Young people Together!My Profile

  25. I love the opportunity to do more as a family during the lighter evenings x

  26. warmer weather and being able to be out and about more

  27. when everything starts to bloom and look pretty x

  28. Warmer weather

  29. Warmer weather – will be so good to shed all that insulating and waterproof clothing.

  30. Its the start of nicer weather hopefully

  31. The rising temperatures!

  32. The weather warming up and the garden coming into bloom! Although the grass is growing an alarming rate!

  33. Getting out more

  34. The lighter evening’s and the flowers.

  35. Sunshine (hopefully) and spring flowers

  36. More daylight hours, flowers and lambs.

  37. I love nature busting into life.

  38. Light evenings so that I can get out and work in the garden.

  39. The warmer weather and all the spring flowers.

  40. I love daffodils as they are so cheerful

  41. Love Spring because the garden comes to life, and the lighter nights and warmer weather means we can spend more time outside

  42. Seeing the leaves on the trees start to open

  43. the birds singing in the am

  44. The lighter nights and leaving the coat at home sometimes.

  45. Lighter Days, sunnier days more colourful days cause the flowers are starting to wake ☀️‍‍‍

  46. Daffodils, warm sunshine and the start of the sailing season

  47. love seeing the new lambs

  48. I love the longer bright evenings 🙂

  49. I like feeling more motivated because of the lighter mornings and evenings

  50. I love the lighter nights it means me and my dog can spend more time in the outdoors

  51. I love the longer days and the blossom on the trees, really cheers me up after the long winter months.

  52. I love being able to take my 2 young boys down the park to play football

  53. wow fab prize

  54. the lighter nights when im walking home

  55. The warm weather, long days and blossoming trees

  56. The sun coming out and the warmer weather.

  57. Everyone just seems happier in spring when the sun is shining!

  58. Warmer weather – so it’s easier to spend more time outdoors with the kids.

  59. Getting rid of the winter garden and making it all pretty for days outside in the sunshine

  60. The world comes back to life…. baby lambs, flowers, etc. New beginnings x

  61. What do you love most about Spring? . . . . .the promise of summer (l am an optimist!!)

  62. I love the fact that I can get out into the garden with the children without feeling freezing cold or drenched – especially my little boy who is only happy when outside!

  63. I love getting out more with my girls. They behave so much better when they have freedom its a joy when the sun’s out

  64. Being able to enjoy the garden

  65. I love the clocks changing so we have lighter nights and love all the new shoots on the plants and trees.

  66. The longer days and the smell of the flowers.

  67. I love the longer nights, they enable you to do so much more after work!

  68. Spring is my favourite season. I Love the flowers, longer days, lambs and long family walks.

  69. I love the lighter nights creeping in.

  70. Listening to the beautiful birdsong all around us and watching the baby birds emerging from their nests and being fed by their parents – wonderful.

  71. Everything coming back to life , sowing seeds and getting the garden ready for summer

  72. the smell of freshly cut grass

  73. To hear the birds singing again

  74. I love the flowers starting to come into bloom

  75. The warmer days and getting into the garden planting veggies with my little ones

  76. Bulbs that you forgot you planted and then they pop up

  77. Getting to spend time outside in the sun – exploring and gardening

  78. I love seeing all the daffodils sprouting up

  79. Love to hear the birds chirping, see flowers have come to bloom, etc. Spring :- New life, brighter and warmer weather :- Bliss!

  80. Daffodils

  81. I love that the flowers start to grow xx

  82. Hearing the blackbirds song and being able to get out in the garden to sort the garden out

  83. Spending time in the garden and having days out with the kids.

  84. I love the blossom on the trees and the longer, lighter evenings!

  85. i love the fact that my and my daughters birthday are in spring

  86. I love getting out and about with the kids and eploring nature trails

  87. I love being able to get the washing out on the line to dry….
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Making our own pizzas….My Profile

  88. I love seeing the leaves coming out on the trees making the garden look colourful again.

  89. Walking and cycling without layers of hats, scarves and gloves

  90. I can spend more time outside with my kids, in the garden or in the park.

  91. warmer weather lighter evenings

  92. spending some time in the garden and i love the lighter evenings

  93. The longer days and the warmer weather

  94. Lighter nights and actually being able to turn the heating off!

  95. The lighter nights the singing birds and the beautiful flowers whilst on walks with my dog

  96. I love seeing the flowers and the weather starting to change. 🙂
    Jessica Powell recently posted…30 Days of FoodMy Profile

  97. I love the weather getting warmer and seeing the lambs jumping about

  98. The warmer weather, lighter evenings and being able to get in the garden

  99. you can fee it getting warmer and it makes you feel good

  100. The slightly better weather!

  101. Warmer and lighter days

  102. The brighter warmer weather!

  103. Light nights!! And a bit of sunshine hopefully

  104. The colourful flowers blooming in the garden.

  105. seeing all my flowers starting to grow x

  106. I love spring! I love the daffodils and tulips, I love the lighter evenings and seeing the sun go down x

  107. warmer weather, lighter nights and spending more time outdoors with the kids

  108. Lighter nights and everything coming into new life.

  109. It’s a toss-up between the lighter evenings and all my favourite flowers being in bloom!

  110. I love all the colours from the flowers and the sunshine x

  111. I love the longer days and spring bulbs

  112. I love to hear the birds singing and the lambs running in the fields and the daffodils appearing

  113. The weather, the flowers, and everyone has a bit more ‘mojo’ a bit more je ne sais quoi . A lateral spring in our step!

  114. the smell of the heat! and the bluebells of course

  115. my fave flowers – forget-me-nots – appearing in the garden. x

  116. Making memories with the kids

  117. First full week away in the family motorhome

  118. The warmer days and sun coming through the windows.

  119. I love watching the length of the days increase 🙂

  120. being outdoors on family adventures

  121. i love the warmer weather

  122. Lambs bouncing around the fields and daffodils in the garden

  123. I love the lighter nights – seen to have more energy

  124. picnics in the park which tire the kids out and no washing up for mummy

  125. Warmer days, means days at the park and lots of picnic

  126. the lighter nights and it means it`s not long before a summer holiday

  127. The freedom that the warmer days and lighter nights gives us x

  128. This looks great, can just see my little dude using one of these!

  129. I love the luv the lighter evenings, being able to have picnics with the kids outside and do outdoors things as a family

  130. I love the Weather! We have been enjoying more walks!

  131. Being able to spend more time outside.

  132. beautiful flowers and wildlife, long walks in the woods

  133. The flowers coming out – It makes me feel hopeful

  134. The sunshine and lighter longer evenings.

  135. The warmer weather and long evenings

  136. Being able to spend more time outdoors with the kids – better weather, more sunlight!
    Rebecca Phillips recently posted…James and the Birthday Balloon by Nicola J. Rowley – Book ReviewMy Profile

  137. We enjoy the long walks after dinner while its still light!

  138. Being able to have days outside in the sun with the kids!

  139. What I most love about spring is it’s brighter and warmer

  140. the amazing pop of colour the spring flowers bring xxc

  141. I love getting back in to the garden and planting my veg

  142. warmer weather

  143. warmer weather and lighter evenings! x

  144. Blossoms and new leaves on the trees herald the start of the growing season and insects buzzing around. Lovely!

  145. I like the longer and warmer days which start in the Spring 🙂

  146. Warmer Weather!

  147. I love getting out rock-pooling with my 5 year old, great-niece, Mia. Spring is the nicest time to do that as it is s cold in the winter and very busy in the summer.

  148. I love the lighter evenings in spring.

  149. I love the longer lighter evenings and the birdsong

  150. Being able to do a lot more outside.

  151. Warmer weather and beautiful spring flowers!

  152. I love daffodils they’re my favourite sign that Spring is coming 🙂

  153. Getting outside more and end more hours of daylight!

  154. The walks round nature trails, grandson only enjoys it when it sunny though

  155. Longer days and warmer weather

  156. The longer and sunshine filled days!

  157. I love the lighter evenings and the beautiful Spring bulbs emerging. The primroses have been stunning this year.

  158. I love that it feels like new beginnings. I walk the dog every day and can see little lambs in the fields and beautiful flowers popping up everywhere. Life is so much prettier with a little bit of warmth & sunshine – and everyone just seems happier! Happy Spring to you all, x

  159. I like taking the dog in the crisp air.

  160. I love being able to get out more, down to the park and feeding the ducks or just having a picnic in the garden .x

  161. I love being able to get outdoors every day and seeing all the baby animals

  162. Mowing my garden for the first time! Good weather is on the way 🙂

  163. being able to start planting outside and growing vegetables and flowers.

  164. i love seeing all the baby lambs, but i was brought up on a farm so i know they are much more likely to be born when its raining! however they are amazing to see running and jumping in the fields, with the warm sun on their backs!

  165. The warmer, longer days and the flowers popping up everywhere.

  166. the lighter evenings

  167. The best thing is it means warmer weather oss on the way

  168. I love the smell of the flowers in the air

  169. I love the brighter evenings

  170. I love the lighter evenings

  171. following on twitter as @edwards002 but I accidentally pressed enter before I had typed my full twitter name

  172. The spring flowers
    Erica Hughes recently posted…Win with Party Bags and SuppliesMy Profile

  173. Sooo nice to ditch the big coat & wellies – makes me feel as light as a feather!

  174. I love the longer days and seeing the birds all rushing about building nests and rearing their young.

  175. Fresh Vegetables, Asparagus, Wild Garlic.. I’m a chef 🙂

  176. Spring cleaning 😉

  177. Lighter evenings

  178. Spring flowers

  179. The warmer weather 🙂

  180. The bright and colourful flowers

  181. Lighter evenings and warmer weather

  182. I love the fact that we finally get even a little bit of sun!

  183. The flowers

  184. I love all the newborn wildlife!

  185. I love spring because all the flowers bloom, the grass is greener, the birds are singing early, the smell of flowers is everywhere and little squirrels come out!

  186. I love getting outdoors more as a family and love the first signs of Spring.

  187. I love getting in the garden with my grandson and starting off some seeds for the summer boarders

  188. the warmer weather

  189. Warmer weather!

  190. Love the brighter days

  191. I love the longer days and the fact that I can garden

  192. The trees and flowers coming into bloom

  193. I love nature. Everything about nature makes me happy.

  194. I love lighter evenings being outdoors.

  195. I love all the colours when the daffodils and crocus pop their heads out. You know warmer days are coming

  196. Picnics, garden play with the kids and the pretty flowers 🙂

  197. i love nature

  198. My birthday which is the 1st day of spring

  199. I love enjoying fun in the lighter nights with the kids

  200. I like Spring because it is warmer and there are 2 more seasons ahead to enjoy before winter comes around again!

  201. the chance to spend more time in my garden weeding and planting new plants

  202. The lighter evenings!

  203. Having more daylight!

  204. seeing the new flowers

  205. I love all the flowers coming into bloom and the lighter evenings.

  206. I love the change to suddenly see more animals and insects about 🙂

  207. Washing on the line, something so satisfying about that!

  208. The Spring flowers like bluebells.

  209. I love the longer days meaning we can get out of the house and explore.

  210. Improves my mood when the sun comes out. I also love the pretty flowers.

  211. the lighter nights and all the new baby animals

  212. I love the longer (and hopefully warmer) days. I also love the fresh new colours of the trees and plants x

  213. I love the smell of cut grass in spring

  214. I love being able to go to work and home in the light.

  215. I love the warm weather at spring time. X

  216. I love the warmer weather and spring flowers

  217. I just love I can sleep without my electric blanket or extra thick duvet, nice to have some sunshine too!

  218. that the kids get to spend a lot longer out side

  219. The spring flowers and blossom on the trees beautiful and uplifting
    Marion Payne recently posted…Thoughtful Gifts for the Whole FamilyMy Profile

  220. The smell of cut grass as everyone heads into their gardens

  221. I love the new flowers that start to bloom. 🙂

  222. I love the light nights so you go out in daylight and get home in daylight makes you feel happier.

  223. Longer days, warmer weather and the smell of cut crass xx

  224. I love the lighter nights. You can really make the most of the full day x

  225. all the colourful flowers

  226. the lighter nights and the world around you waking from winter flowering into bloom definitely make you feel a lot happier

  227. Walking my dogs through the flowers!

  228. Lighter brighter nights I go long walks with my dog
    Gillian McClelland recently posted…Thoughtful Gifts for the Whole FamilyMy Profile

  229. It has to be the lighter evenings just a shame its not warm enough to sit out there in it 🙂

  230. Getting out in the fresh air and seeing the flowers come into bloom

  231. Getting some warm sun and finally getting out and about!

  232. seeing all the gorgeous flowers springing up

  233. We can finally cut the lawn!

  234. I like seeing the pretty colours from the flowers.

  235. The longer and warmer day, picnics in the park.

  236. The Daffodills bringing a splash of much needed colour back into the dreary days. Thanks for the chance

  237. Being able to take my daughter to the park. We love to chase each other and play on the swings, it’s just not the same in winter when it’s dark!

  238. Drying washing outdoors! The blossom on the trees is lovely too 🙂

  239. I love the warmer weather and flowers starting to come through

  240. Being able to take my grandson to the park and the beach for lovely fresh air and a run around!

  241. love the fresh air and new colours

  242. Visiting farms to see the baby animals

  243. The best part about Spring is the weather is getting a little better, the days a little longer, and of course Summer is next!

  244. I love that it seems that people are waking up and feeling better as well as nature.

  245. Has to be the sweet sound of the birds! Closely followed by the lovely flowers (daffodils and crocuses)

  246. I love the lighter evenings

  247. The Cool Sun (if that makes sense) early in the morning…reminds me of being a kid, going to school in my gingham summer dress knowing it was going to be a lovely sunny day.

  248. Love Daffodils and the light evening’s x x x

  249. The pretty flowers

  250. Sunshine, longer days and warmer weather. And knowing summer is on the way!

  251. Love that the weather starts to get warmer.

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