Why Vegas Is Perfect For Beating The Winter Blues

Why Vegas Is Perfect For Beating The Winter Blues


Mummy says…Those of us who live in the more northerly parts of the world can be forgiven for not feeling
the spring weather just yet. It is freezing at the moment! No matter which continent you’re on, it’s been a universally harsh winter yet the good news is that Las Vegas is always open for business!

Why Vegas Is Perfect For Beating The Winter Blues

Where better to enjoy those Top Casino Games while also taking in the sights and sounds of one of the world’s top entertainment destinations?

Vegas Is Surprisingly Affordable

With a higher concentration of hotels and resorts than most other places on Earth, competition is tight for filling up those spare rooms. Even the top destinations tend to offer fantastic discounts as a matter of course, especially for those intending to stay for several days. Booking in advance can make those deals even better for winter bargain hunters, with additional incentives and freebies being often included in the price. Keep an eye out for hotels that offer an inclusive breakfast – eating out in Vegas can become expensive.

Flights are where the real savings can be made though. One-way tickets can be easily picked up for $30 or so from most major North American airports. International visitors would be well advised to consider
internal transfers instead of automatically opting for direct tickets. Alternatively, check out the
options for packages that combine flights alongside accommodation. It’s a buyers market during the winter months, and fantastic deals can be found online even at very short notice.

Enjoy Vegas Outside The Casino

Quite a well-known joke about Vegas is that it’s perfectly possible to spend days on end without ever even seeing the sky. Some of the larger casino resorts are enormous and offer their guests no need to leave! Dozens of bars and restaurants, indoor pools/spas, with of course 24-hour slots, table games and shows to enjoy – so why ever plan on leaving?
There’s plenty of reasons! Although it can get chilly at sundown, the daily temperature even during the winter months is very mild. Taking a stroll even just a couple of side streets off the main Strip will showcase a rather different side of the city. Vegas residents are a friendly bunch, and eating/drinking/hanging out where the locals do is always going to be a memorable highlight. They’ll have a wealth of insider information about where to find the best deals on everything a visitor could wish for. Just remember to tip the barman!

There is also a huge amount of culture to be enjoyed. The big name resorts host some of the most impressive artworks to be found anywhere while also being usually free to visit. The Vegas shows are quite rightly regarded as legendary. Try to book tickets for the latter in advance – the big name residents can sell out many months in advance during peak season, but in winter they’re a lot easier to get ahold of.

Tempted To Try A Little Vegas Winter Sunshine?

As I have mentioned here, Vegas can be enjoyed during the Winter season much more affordably than during the more typical holiday season. Seasoned visitors swear by keeping a tight leash on betting funds, with a small amount kept aside for every day. A good tip to keep it fun is to set aside all winnings for another day. Making sure you gamble responsibly, with only what you can afford to lose can be so much fun!

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  1. amazing blog….. i like blog. keep writing…

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit Vegas!

  3. Honestly, I prefer Vegas in the cooler months. Topping out at 117 degrees in the summer isn’t fun no matter how much experience you have.

    Ashleigh | Ashleigh Renay

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