Top Tips to Learn to Knit

Top Tips to Learn to Knit

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Mummy says…I do wish I had more time for hobbies, especially ones that are productive and don’t need much equipment or investment! One of my Nan’s was a great sewer and the other was a great knitter – she knitted so much for me when my girls were born. My good friend Granny Jane is a fantastic knitter and has made Pickle some beautiful gifts including a blanket when he was born and some gorgeous jackets…

Top Tips to Learn to Knit

I have been looking into maybe starting knitting and have out together some great top tips to learn to knit …

  1. Just a pair of knitting needles and some yarn are all you need. Start with inexpensive wool, save the fancy ones for later when you’re more skilled. Go for a large pair of wooden or plastic needles. Using a light coloured wool also to help you see the stitches more easily so it’s obvious when you’ve made a mistake.
  2. Find Tutorials – You can find a tutorial for casting on stitches on you You Tube, there are a few different ways to cast on, try them and see which one works best for you. The same for Knit and Purl Stitches and casting off. These are the absolute basics.
  3.  Practice, practice, practice. If you get frustrated, put your knitting away and take a break from it.
  4. Find a local knitting group for support – some groups knit for charities, people in need or they just have a project you can join in with.
  5. Start a Pinterest board to save your favourite patterns and inspiration.
  6. Remember that knitting goes right to left – the opposite way you read a book.
  7. Always knit on the wider part of the needle, not the tip.
  8. Master the basics before trying to follow a pattern.

Knitting is enjoying a huge comeback recently, not only is it a great portable hobby where you can make some gorgeous items for yourself and family, it is incredibly therapeutic too and perfect for practicing mindfulness which is super beneficial for your health.

There are many great resources online such as Deramores where you  can get all your supplies, as already mentioned, Pinterest for ideas and Facebook groups for help and support, just search for some.

Do you knit?

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  1. Thanks! I am currently teaching myself to knit. Weird but I have enjoyed other needle crafts such as cross-stitch, tapesty and sewing since I was at primary school and it has only been since the new year that I decided to teach myself to crochet and knit! I find needle crafts very relaxing and it is lovely to make things for my home and family x

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