Top Tips for Self Improvement

Top Tips for Self Improvement


Mummy says… Self-improvement is such a beneficial thing. There are so many ways that you can improve according to the millions of books, training programs, online products, coaches, television programs, and conferences out there for you to try. It’s an industry that makes billions of dollars each year. While some are genuine, many others are just out there to grab your cash.
This makes it hard for those seeking actual improvement to find a reliable resource. Here are
some top tips for self improvement….

Top Tips for Self Improvement
Dispelling Myths.

There are three main myths regarding self-improvement. The first of these myths is that when you’re performing at the top level, you must continually give your peak performance. However, you’re not always going to be feeling like your best. There are external factors out of your control that can determine your mood and outlook.  If, for instance, you’ve been sleeping on an old and uncomfortable mattress, it’s only natural that you will wake up irritable and in pain most mornings. Why not look for reviews of the best memory foam mattresses and take proactive steps to replace yours.
The second myth is that we must compare our progress with others who were successful to
reach that success. This is false because no one is the same. Despite this, many people compare where they should be with where others are. This can lead to feelings of failure and make you want to stop your self improvement journey. What’s important in those situations is to review mistakes you’ve made and look for ways you can improve.
The final myth is that those who have experienced success achieved it by one type of deliberate
practice. Actually, you need to try a variety of techniques and instead of settling on one, find ways to implement them differently during your day. Here are some ideas:

Live in the present.

The moment that you’re in is the only one that you have to make sure you feel alive. It’s the time you have to make changes, grow, create a future, appreciate, and enjoy. When you focus on the present, you can truly focus on what is important in life.

Maintain Your Health.

Your health plays a vital role in your self-improvement, and it’s not just about losing weight or cutting down on carbs and sugary foods. There are numerous factors that affect your health, and when you have bad health, it can dampen your overall mood, decrease your concentration, spike your stress levels, or even lead to long-term adverse health effects. The good news is that with so many factors affecting your health, there are just as many ways to maintain it! Whether it’s ensuring your body has optimal nutrient levels by taking zinc supplements, treating your skin with a top-rated facial steamer, or preventing computer vision syndrome with a pair of Shade Glass USA gaming and computer glasses, there are many ways you can be proactive about the state of your physical health to support your path to self-improvement.

Expand Your Horizons.

Sometimes, the best way to improve your self and your worldview is to get out of your bubble and expand your horizons. It’s by stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing how other people live that you gain a better understanding of who and where you are on your life journey. The great thing about this is that you can enjoy the adventures and fun of traveling without it costing too much. Choose a low-key but exciting destination like Malaysia then rent a car in Kuala Lumpur and explore the cities and countryside. There’s a lot to be learned from experiencing other cultures, and it will only give you a broader understanding of your own self-improvement.

Here are some other top tips for self improvement:
1. Don’t worry or dwell on things that might happen. It is harmful and pointless to think about things that are unpleasant or haven’t happened. It will just draw your attention to how you can’t control or change that aspect of your life. This can cause disappointment and dissatisfaction.
2. Don’t hold onto things or grudges. People tend to get very attached to aspects of their lives, so much so that they think about them way too much. These aspects can be places, habits, objects, negative thoughts, and people. The worry that they put upon you can be too much.
If you had a terrible home improvement experience, for example, don’t let it bog you down! Instead, look for positive and productive ways to manage the situation. Whether it’s revitalizing your space with quality blinds, or going all out and repainting a room, any situation can be changed for the better. You absolutely can’t improve by holding onto things that stunt you from growth or success in life. Doing this will also plant you in one place, and you’ll be unable to make any progress.
3. Don’t be around toxic people for too long. There are some people who are just plain toxic. The ones who always bring you down, who are negative all the time, who never give but always take, and who talk about other people with hatred or jealousy. Try to bring forth your issues with the person you believe to be toxic. If it seems that they have no interest in changing, it’s time to let them go.
On average, you spend your time with three to five people. If these individuals are happy and you’re around them daily, then you will become content.
4. Don’t try to control everything. Many people have a need to constantly have control over the things that happen in their lives. They also want to “fix” situations and people, often interfering with the natural progression of events. This usually ends with little hope, disappointment, and a
general feeling of upset. When you start focusing on what you should be doing and start eliminating what you shouldn’t, you’ll see yourself improve and become happier. You’ll have a happiness that is appreciative, content, easy, and peaceful.

I hope you can apply some of these top tips for self improvement to your life, do you have any to add?


  1. I’m terrible for worrying about ‘what may or may not happen’ – something I definitely need to work on. Jo x

  2. Thanks for this post! I definitely need to take some of these tips on board for some self improvement. I am really guilty of comparing myself to others which never helps!
    Jess Howliston recently posted…Lumo Stars **REVIEW**My Profile

  3. At last a sensible bit of writing on this subject, thank you this gave me food for thought and did not leave me feeling like a massive failure as other self improvement articles do
    Nicolette Lafonseca-Hargreaves recently posted…5 Ways To Dress A WindowMy Profile

  4. I love self improvement, I think it’s great and essential to invest in yourself.

  5. Yes!!! I love this post so much! <3 Self-improvement is such a unique journey for all of us, and getting healthy, having an attitude of gratitude, living in the present and letting go of trying to control everything, have definitely all helped me so much! xx

  6. I agree with the bit about not being around toxic people for too long. It’s one of those things that you learn as you get older, you don’t have to stay friends with someone just because you’ve been friends with them for a long time!
    Rachael recently posted…Craft: Kids Home Made Mother’s Day CardMy Profile

  7. I love this post! I’m all about self care. It’s so important to take care of yourself. x
    Dena recently posted…Aldi’s Take On Jo Malone, But Is It Any Good?My Profile

  8. These are some great tips, especially ‘live in the present’. It makes such a difference to pay attention to what is happening right now rather than what’s happened or what will happen.

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