Transformers 1 Step Turbo Changers

Transformers 1 Step Turbo Changers


Pickle says… I LOVE Transformers, thanks to my big bro Luke I have been into them for a little while now. I have also watched the awesome movies with Mummy. My absolute favourite is Bumblebee and I was so excited to have been sent a couple of  Transformers 1 Step Turbo Changers a little while ago, including Bumblebee…

Transformers 1 Step Turbo Changers

I have had quite a few Transformers toys, and have to say that a lot of them are too tricky for me to actually transform (I am 5). This makes me cross and frustrated, and Mummy gets stressed!

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The Transformers 1 Step Turbo Changers are perfect for me! They do what they say – they transform from the robots into the car (or whatever) and back again easily and quickly in just one step. Boom! I am happy which means Mummy is happy!

The Transformers 1 Step Turbo Changers are suitable for ages 5+ (Not suitable for ages under 3) and are around £12.99 each.

I had been to a friends birthday party and had my face painted as Bumblebee in these photos – don’t I look cool? And you can see how much I love Bumblebee! I was also sent Megatron, who I was super chuffed with, as he is a baddy.

You can also get Optimus Prime

Transformers 1 Step Turbo Changers are available from Hasbro at all good toy stores.

We were sent two Transformers 1 Step Turbo Changers in exchange for our honest review.




  1. This looks like such a fun toy. I’m suck on what to get my cousin for his Birthday so this is a brilliant suggestion! x

  2. Awww you look so cute with your face painted as Bumblebee, he’s also my nephew’s favourite x

  3. I love Bubble bee he is my favourite, but that Megatron toy looks pretty good too.
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  4. My son was a huge fan of tranformers and he really loves bumble bee

  5. Oh bumble bee is my favourite! I was a big fan of transformers number 1 and 2 but then it got a bit silly I think. Perfect for the kids though 🙂 my nephews would love this x
    Hannah recently posted…Healthy Chocolate Chip Banana Bread PancakesMy Profile

  6. My son loves Transformers too and I think they’re a really great price – he would love Bumble Bee. Your son looks adorable all dressed up too.

  7. I actually watched the transformers movie for the first time a few weeks ago and I have to admit they are pretty cool x
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  8. These look like so much fun! Macs would love them. Great review! 🙂

  9. I love the Face Paint! Bumblebee was always my favorite too:)

  10. They sound like good toys. There’s nothing more frustrating for parents and children than toys that are fiddly. Glad you’re enjoying them Pickle x

  11. These look like so much fun for kids to play with. I actually really like the transformers movies too! xxx

  12. Ooh these look like such exciting toys! I bet my 6 year old nephew would love these! X #bloggerclubuk

  13. We have a couple of the 1-step changers too. Drift, Sideswipe, and the brown one whose name I always forget. We did also have Optimus Prime, but had to exchange him twice as he kept falling apart, so ended up just giving him back. The others are okay though, but I can’t believe how much those tiny pieces of kit cost!

  14. My little one would love this, he love toys and Transformers are awesome!

  15. These are fab 3 birthdays coming soon – the boys will love them too

  16. Bumblebee is my fave. These are very reasonably priced. Glad they aren’t too fiddly x

  17. My husband is such fan of the transformers, lol he just got the bumblebee!!

  18. Transformers have stood the test of time, my partner still has an Optimus Prime from when he was 5 he is 40 this years

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