My Sunday Photos 11 Feb 2018

My Sunday Photos 11 Feb 2018


Pickle says… This week saw us have a brief flurry of snow, it is such a rare occurrence and my first sight of snow, that we have shared two photos so we don’t forget!

My Sunday Photos 11 Feb 2018



Living near the South West Wales coast means we just don’t get snow, so there was much excitement last Tuesday when we woke to snow! Actual snow, falling and sticking! Teen sis and bro were as excited (if not more!) than me, checking their social media hoping and praying that school would be closed. Lea is home from college on a Tuesday anyway. Both mine and Luke’s schools were open. Boo!

My Sunday Photos 11 Feb 2018



Wednesday saw more snow – particularly in Tenby and Saundersfoot, the roads were very icy and slippy and it took us ages to get to school. Lea didn’t go to college as most of her class mates couldn’t get in and there had been an accident on the main road, so Mummy said she wasn’t risking driving her in. We played out in the snow in school and painted snowmen pictures. By lunchtime it had all gone and we haven’t seen any since!

Did you have snow where you are?


  1. My children love snow too.. and I can imagine your lil man’s fun!! Sadly being in London, it hardly snows. We had hail storm for 10 minutes.. but that was all about it.

  2. Ahh look at his face! He looks so happy! We didn’t get any snow, well we had a little sleet but it didn’t stick around. We were gutted!

  3. The smile on his face you could see how surprised and excited he was! I am experiencing snow but I guess if I am in the same shoe, I will still feel the same.

  4. My little ones have never seen real snow! But they really want to! They’ve seen it snowing though, but it never stays 🙁
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  5. Such a happy chap
    BEAUTIFUL photo

  6. Awwww. How lovely – I’m pleased that you had some snow to play in, but not too much. We didn’t have any this time.

  7. I had no idea that in Wales it very rarely snows. We had snow here in November but it was fleeting and by the next day it had all melted away! Glad you enjoyed it x

  8. Being not far away in Reading, I also had a flurry of snow just at the same sort of time – unfortunately I was out driving when it suddenly came on, and the roads grew to a halt lol. Glad you got to get out in it for a bit though! x

  9. So much snow!! It is so pretty but hate driving in it! X

  10. Fun time – we had quite a lot here – all gone again

  11. This year was the first time my granddaughter saw snow as well. She was thrilled by it. There was just about enough to make a very small snowman. We brought some indoors in a plastic bowl for her to play with, she found it a bit confusing when the snow eventually melted, but then she’s not quite 3 years old.

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