Making Your Home Safe for Children

Making Your Home Safe for Children


Pickle says… The one place I spend most of my time is my home. I love my home, playing, exploring chilling out with my family. Although it is the safest place for me to be, there are still lots of things that could hurt me, so I want to share with you my ideas for making your home safe for children…

Making Your Home Safe for Children

Look at your home from your little persons height. It looks totally different than from where you see it!

I tend to run around looking at where I want to be, or what I want to get without looking at the floor, so that is a good place to start!

  1. If you have wooden or laminate floors, make sure I wear grippy socks or slippers.
  2. Any rugs should have anti slip strips underneath.
  3. Don’t have any cables, charger leads etc trailing across my path.
  4. Help and encourage me (and my siblings!) to pick up and put away my toys – especially my Lego and millions of tiny plastic collectables!
  5. Keep the stairs clear of any clutter or stuff.

I have always been really sensible, and Mummy has not needed to buy a lot of safety products for me, but there are a couple she thinks every home with children should have:

  1. Door Jams. Mummy can’t even think how painful it would be to trap my fingers in a door. It can happen in a flash, if a pet pushes past, or someone opens the front door and there is a draft.
  2. Plug socket covers. Plug socket holes are very intriguing to me – and the perfect size to stick my little fingers into.
  3. Bed Guard. I am quite a fidgety sleeper and a bed guard not only saves me from falling out of bed, but also banging my head on the bedside cabinet!
  4. Table corner covers. For sharp corners when they are the same height as me.
  5. Stairgate. A must for the top of the stairs. Not just for when I started crawling, but we still have ours now and I am 5, because our landing runs right across the top of the stairs and I could trip and easily fall down them. Make sure you fit it properly and securely using the right tools from a company such as SGS.

Do you have any other tips for making your home safe for children?

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  1. Better to be safe than sorry
    So many needless accidents through lack of awareness

  2. Don’t leave keys in locks or the next thing you know you have been locked out while putting the washing out or filling the bin.

  3. Please encourage Grand-parents to keep their medication in a safe place and to remember to put household chemicals out of reach.

  4. I think people forget about table corners! Good advice here 🙂

  5. There are some good tips here. Avoid tablecloths because they might be pulled and things come toppling off!

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