How to be a Perfect Wedding Guest

How to be a Perfect Wedding Guest

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Mummy says….With Spring around the corner (thank goodness) you might start to receive one or two wedding invitations for the upcoming Summer season. It may be a while off yet, but your friend or relative will have probably been planning this since last Spring – if not longer!

How to be a Perfect Wedding Guest

When you have a busy family life, you can usually count on one hand the number of times you’ve headed out without the children or gone to a formal event with them in tow. Now might be the time to brush up on your wedding etiquette and I have a few helpful reminders and handy tips of what to expect and how to be a perfect wedding guest!


Yes, you’re a busy parent, and sometimes it’s hard enough to remember the shopping list on the way to the supermarket, but when it comes to a wedding invite there are no excuses! Make sure you’re well aware of the deadline on the invitation and don’t delay. If you know you can make it send it back straight away! In addition, with your RSVP you should make any dietary restrictions known too. It’s no good queuing at one of the hog roast machines at a BBQ themed wedding if you’re a vegetarian! With enough notice, the wedding caterer can make sure you’ll have a good meal too.

Be on time

Yes, weddings usually are behind schedule, but that doesn’t mean you should be! Make sure you arrive at the ceremony in good time – usually by at least 30 minutes. This will ensure a good seat if anything. Remember, no one will thank you if you’re shuffling down a row to get to a seat while the bride and groom are exchanging vows!

Don’t add your own plus one

You should never assume that it’s ok to bring along a friend or someone who wasn’t on the invitation! However, if you’re cohabiting, married or engaged and your significant other isn’t on the invite, it is acceptable to approach the couple on the subject. But don’t go against their wishes!

Also, if the invite is addressed to you and your partner, but not the children, then you should leave them at home with a babysitter. Some couples prefer their celebration to be a child-free zone, so you must respect that. Unless it is specifically stated, or the invite is addressed to you as a family, then it’s grownups only!

Don’t share any photos

Yes, you’ve had a great time and the whole celebration was amazing. You’ve got some great pictures and can’t wait to post them on social media – but did you know that it’s only appropriate to share these images after the bride and groom have publicly posted their own? You might look stunning in a bathroom selfie, but the bride might not appreciate the image of her washing her hands in the background being all over social media, before she’s uploaded anything herself! Be patient.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips on how to be a perfect wedding guest. I really love reading this post, that we have to be on time, if possible do not bring children so the ceremony will be solemn, and do not upload anything yet. Thanks again for sharing this post!

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