5 Essential Gadgets For Long Term Travelling

5 Essential Gadgets For Long Term Travelling


Mummy says…Travelling for business or a holiday requires hand luggage and a suitcase or two, and little more thought than remembering the right adapter or enough gadgets to entertain the children. When it comes to travelling long-term for a gap year or because you’re freelance, working online and you have that freedom, what goes in that all important bag is much more important and needs to be thought about much more carefully…

5 Essential Gadgets For Long Term Travelling

Are you planning to travel long term? Statistics show that lots of people either want to or already are. Recent figures show:-

That’s a lot of people who require the right gadgets and accessories to ensure their trip is safe and goes how they want it to. The right accessories can also ensure travel is:-

  • Recorded
  • More fun
  • More secure
  • More convenient
  • More comfortable

If you’re going to be travelling for longer than a couple of weeks and you want to know the best gadgets and accessories for your trip, take a look at these 5 great gadgets and accessories to consider taking with you:-

1. Anti-theft Backpacks

Getting robbed abroad is no laughing matter, it can be a terrifying and at the very least, deeply inconvenient experience. There are lots of steps you can take to avoid getting robbed, and you can find lots of handy tips here. Take a look at this article if you need advice on knowing what to do when you do get robbed abroad. One great accessory to have to help you avoid getting robbed is an anti-theft backpack. Many brands have various anti-theft features including special mini padlock style zips, backpacks where the way you get in them is through the section that is next to your back, and various other great mechanisms that enhance the bags security. If you’re looking for the best in anti-theft backpacks then you might be interested in Pacsafe, or Loctote (featured on Shark Tank). They have developed an anti-theft technology that works by stopping the material being slashed by a sharp knife, a tactic many thieves use to steal bag contents. You do pay more for the anti-slashing feature but it is a great way to protect yourself against this kind of crime.

2. Computer/ Tablet

You will want something bigger than your phone to connect to the internet, especially if you work online. If you’re only going to be going online, a Chromebook is a great idea. They don’t hold files like photos so if yours breaks or gets stolen you’re not going to lose all of that data. You have offline access for entertainment when there’s no access to WIFI. There are also plenty of apps available on Chromebooks for travel. If you’re unsure which is the best Chromebook for what you will use it for, do your research to find the best one for your needs as price ranges vary greatly. If you do need other features like the ability write documents and store photos and applications, consider lightweight options like Ultrabooks or 2-in-1 convertible laptops.

3. Digital Camera

Unless you’re a professional photographer you don’t need to take a professional DSLR setup with you travelling. However, you can get comparable, high quality photos with a compact system camera like the Sony A6000 or the A6300. The Sony A6300 even has 4K video which is great for vlogging, and the ability for you to upload photos straight to your phone for editing or social media updates. These types of camera are incredibly lightweight and ideal for minimalist travellers.

4. Tough Video/ Photo Equipment

If you’re a true adventurer you might want something tougher than a digital camera to enable you to capture all your activities. Your options are limited to cameras like the GoPro which are getting better in video footage quality. You could also consider something like the Olympus Tough if you want something that can be an action camera, and a general point and shoot. It has an excellent underwater picture and video setting, and there are various different features which make it an excellent travel companion for capturing adventurous moments, including 4k video.

5. Power Bank

Electricity isn’t always guaranteed when you’re travelling around. Even on a day trip phones and other equipment might not have the battery life to survive the whole time. A power bank provides that essential charge you need to bring these gadgets back to life. With these types of accessory, the more you pay really does get you a higher quality product and often more charges per item. You might not think it is worth paying out for something to provide a charge ‘just in case’, but imagine being stuck without your phone or tablet on a long train journey, plane journey or when you need the information on their to get to your destination. It is well worth a decent investment, and is an essential accessory for everyday, not just when you have your backpack on you.

Fore more inspiration on essential gadgets and accessories for long term travelling, checkout Gap Year Travel Store, Trip Savvy, Travel Away and Jessie On A Journey.

“Travel makes you modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert

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  1. Thats my essentials too – i always have a power bank wherever i go

  2. I think Anti-theft Backpacks, Digital Camera, and Power Bank are the most essential in today’s digital world. Great article thanks for sharing.

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