16 Fun Children’s Party Gift Bag Ideas

16 Fun Children’s Party Gift Bag Ideas

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Mummy says… Do you remember that the best part of going to birthday parties when you were a child was the goodie bag you would get at the end, featuring a slice of sugary sponge cake, sweets and a plastic toy? These days, putting together gift bags has become a sort of competitive sport where mums seek to make the most original bags to hand out at their child’s parties.

So, besides the standard piece of cake, I have put together a list of ideas of cool and quirky children’s party gift bag ideas to load your child’s party bags with that the children will love, and parents will thank you for!…

16 Fun Children’s Party Gift Bag Ideas

  1. Bubbles – Every child loves to blow bubbles, and small individual packs can be bought inexpensively.
  2. Books – A book is a great gift that will benefit every child. A bundle of children’s books can be purchased very cheaply, and they will all love a new bedtime story to read.
  3. Friendship Bracelets – Either buy a pack online, here is a cool list of the best friendship bracelets or make it a fun birthday party activity for everyone to make their own with coloured fabric and beads. Put a matching pack of two in each goodie bag so that children can give a matching bracelet to their BFF.
  4. Make-a-Bag – Another party game which could involve each child decorating their own plain tote bag. Let them loose with fabric pens and scrap materials – probably a better idea for older children! At the end of the party they could then fill the bag with cake and sweets.
  5. Adopt a Puppy – A very cute party bag gift idea is to buy a soft toy puppy for every child and let them pick their own from the puppy pen as they leave. To avoid arguments, you could give each puppy a dog tag with each child’s name on it and get them to find their puppy.
  6. Art Sets – Pack goodie bags with art supplies for each child – pens, paints and brushes – to encourage their artistic streaks.
  7. Pizza Party- Instead of taking home slices of sugary cake, part of the party could involve each child making their own healthy pizzas topped with veggies. This is a great fun activity to get children cooking. Slices can then be eaten for lunch with the rest taken home in a cute personalised pizza box!
  8. Stickers – Children LOVE stickers – give a few sheets inside goodie bags for major brownie points.
  9. Flower Pots – For older children, a flower pot with some soil and a pack of seeds is a lovely idea. Go for easy-to-grow plants like cress or sunflowers. Decorate the pot with each child’s name.
  10. Cookie Decoration – Give each child a cookie box and some pre-made cookies that they can decorate with chocolate buttons, icing and sweets.
  11. Superhero Masks – Hold a superhero party and get the children to personalise their own superhero masks from blank templates you can buy at stores, or download online.
  12. Novelty Sunglasses – Colourful heart, stars and fun circle sunglasses are a cute idea for summertime parties.
  13. Chocolate Coins – Great for a pirate themed party, especially as part of a treasure hunt activity!
  14. Sleepover Party Bags – As your child gets older they might ask for a sleepover party for their birthday. Give a gift bag to each child filled with a sleep mask, fluffy socks, pampering face mask, nail polish, popcorn and other treats perfect for a slumber party.
  15. Photo Booth– Children love to dress up – hire a photo booth for your kid’s birthday party with funny hats, feather boas and novelty dress up items. They then get to take home printed photos of themselves having fun with friends. As an extra activity, buy plain wooden frames for them to decorate and display their new photos in.
  16. Balloons – A simple idea that children love is just to take home a helium balloon on a colourful ribbon. For extra originality, put a small gift inside each balloon with a label instructing them to pop the balloon when they get home!

Have you any children’s party gift bag ideas to add?

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  1. So many great ideas
    Loads of BIRTHDAY celebrations to plan

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