What I Wish I Knew as a First Time Mum

What I Wish I Knew as a First Time Mum


Mummy says…Becoming a mum for the first time turns your life upside down and throws you into a world of explosive nappies, baby food and every other kind of mess you can imagine. I read countless books for new parents about every facet of parenthood and what to expect from the birthing experience, but nothing in reality ever quite matches up to anything you read…

What I Wish I Knew as a First Time Mum

Here is what I wish I knew as a first time mum – the things they don’t publish in books. I have had four babies and each time was completely different.

  1. You don’t learn a thing from labour stories. Each of mine was totally different. Whether you were told of  a dream-like 1-hour labour scenario or nightmare tales, your labour will end up a whole different story entirely. You just have to take it as it comes, try to relax, and do what’s best for you. If you want to sit in the bath until the last moment, do it. If you demand a CD of dolphin noises be playing in the delivery room to soothe you, that’s what must happen. If you end up in a contorted yoga pose for the delivery because that’s what’s comfy, that’s fine! Expect the unexpected, because you just can’t plan for something you’ve never done before. I would ditch a birthing plan too.
  2. Cloth nappies are a thing and are becoming more and more popular. You might want to wait till after your baby has stopped producing the explosive, messier new-born poops, but these are an amazing solution for parents who are conscious of the environment, even with a grubby baby to clean up after. You can also get washable, reusable baby wipes, biodegradable feeding utensils and glass baby bottles.
  3. It’s okay to co-sleep. Your natural instinct is to co-sleep, so it’s super disheartening when everyone around you raises eyebrows and tells you it is unsafe. With this in mind, I have researched baby sleep safety and if it was possible to have him sleep as closely as possible. Co-sleeper cots are a perfect solution for parents in this situation – they allow you to sleep in a separate bed from your baby, while keeping them in direct reach. Baby has no contact with adult bedclothes which is one of the main safety worries often associated with co-sleeping. Check out cosleepercots.co.uk for all the information on this perfect sleeping solution.
  4. You CAN’T do everything the same as you used to. Before my babies came, I was resolute that I would still do everything I used to, only with a baby in tow! Pub lunches, evenings in with friends, days out shopping – these things are all doable with a third little person tagging along, right? Wrong. Well, you can still meet your family for lunch on a Sunday, just an hour late and with sick in your hair. Movie nights in with pals tend to be disrupted by frequent bouts of screaming. Same with shopping. I don’t think my little boy really likes waiting around in changing rooms for me yet! These thing’s will return to normality with time, but for now, prepare for everything to take three times as long as it used to!
  5. Babies grow quicker than anything else. As soon as he has grown into the cutest pair of baby shoes his aunt bought him for Christmas, he’s too big for them just a week later. Some days you wake them up in the morning and notice they actually look bigger than yesterday.

This has taught me three things:

1. Take photos at every opportunity (which is often because he does new cute things every day).

2. There is no point spending heaps on new baby clothes for him to wear them for about a month!

3.Treasure every stage your baby goes through – they don’t stay that way for long!

Have you anything to add for new mums?


  1. I totally agree with these – especially the one about co sleeping!
    Rebecca Smith recently posted…Why I Would Love To Go Travelling In AsiaMy Profile

  2. Learning by experience – dont think anyone is ever fully prepared – photos are so precious

  3. It is always tough and a learning curve. You have great tips.

    I will add to accept every help you can get and sleep when the baby sleeps if possible.

  4. I had my first baby in June last year and my life has definitely changed and as everyone says you can’t be full prepared but it is definitely an amazing experience being a mum but challenging at the same time x

  5. I love this post, all so true. I’m sure it will reassure lots of new mums, especially about co-sleeping x

  6. I think I will wait a bit longer! I’m really not ready for this, maybe will never be actually but one thing is sure, it would have to be the right moment for me.

  7. I bet it must be tempting to take photos at every opportunity – wouldn’t want to lose out on any of those precious moments!

  8. I’m not a mum yet, but this sounds like great advice! I love the tip to use cloth nappies too, as I think it’s super important to consider the impact on the environment! xx

  9. I love your post. Take photos at every opportunity, especially the milestones in the life of a baby.

  10. Ahh this is lovely. Babies do grow so fast, I always thought it was crazy that everyone said that, but time does seem to speed up!

  11. Nice post, if only we knew things before a baby. I have only one, but I wish I had not gone back to work so quickly and went part-time. Years later you realise that giving your baby/children time is the most beneficial thing in life and without regret.
    Afshan Nasim recently posted…Maplin Dehumidifier ReviewMy Profile

  12. Yep ….. and Pick Them Up !!!! They are only babies for a short time so if thr baby cries…. just pick them up. It doesnt make them clingy if anything it encorages independence as they know you are always there.

  13. So true, they grow so fast and photos hold such wonderful memories. And I agree that they grow out of those cute baby clothes in no time!

  14. Following on from your point about labour stories, I wouldn’t bother with a birth plan either because once you’re in hospital you don’t actually have that much say. It’s all about getting the baby out safely.

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