Revamping Your Rented Home

Revamping Your Rented Home


Mummy says…You may feel the stigma of living a rented apartment or house or feel a bit ashamed of how your current living space looks, but take a step back and relax. The New Year, post-Christmas period is the perfect time for revamping your rented home….

Revamping Your Rented Home
Remember that the majority of people are renting right now, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with living in a rented property.  My eldest daughter is renting in Bristol with her boyfriend, and I have lived in rented accommodation in the past. It can allow you to live in an area where you couldn’t afford to buy a home, or if you can’t get a mortgage right now.
Also, just because you live in an apartment under someone else’s rules doesn’t mean that
you’re unable to make your space cheerier. You are probably subject to some restrictions but that gives you an excuse to get truly creative when it comes time to decorate.

So you are ready for revamping your rented home once and for all? Want to get your hands dirty and make your apartment or house feel more like a home? I have some smart, time-efficient tips to get your apartment into tip top shape without breaking the bank!

Let There Be Light!
First thing’s first: you may be shocked at much very different your home feels when
you let some light in. Whether it’s natural light from the windows or lamps and fixtures
around the house, simply brightening up your space is a great first step if your home feels cramped or depressing.
That doesn’t mean you have to let light in all the time, though. Blinds or roller shades are
perfect for controlling just how much light each room receives and when. There are easy to install, available in different designs and colours and are relatively cheap too.
In addition to light, brightening your rooms with colourful throws and rugs can work wonders as well. Another option would be applying a brighter coat of paint to your walls (maybe a shade of tinted white) if you’re allowed to do so.

Get as Much as You Can Off the Floor
The more clutter you have on the floor, the more claustrophobic you will feel. Clutter comes with having a young family so it isn’t always easy to clear it.
Creating open spaces throughout your home might mean getting rid of some furniture or
rearranging a room, but it’s worth it in the long-run. Try to encourage your kids to clean up after themselves if they’re notorious for leaving stuff lying around.  Buy some cheap large storage boxes and make it a race to tidy up. The sooner you break that habit, the better.

Need More Storage Space? Just Hide It!
In the event that you do have lots of clothes or belongings that you just can’t seem to find a space for, why not hide them? Hidden storage is all the rage right now (just look at Ikea) and is a smart idea for smaller spaces, especially when you consider double-storage solutions like:

* Ottomans, chairs or beds with storage compartments.
*Hangers, hooks and attachments that allow you to keep items in the wall-space of wardrobes and cupboards.
*Under-the- stairs storage. You can add shelves to a cupboard with storage boxes.

I hope you now have some inspiration for revamping your rented home, do you have any tips to add?



  1. Some great tips. I’m a firm believer and decluttering in a regular basis. I love your tips on getting more light into you home too.
    Mellissa Williams recently posted…Luxury Games Rooms That Will Leave You AmazedMy Profile

  2. Light, absolutely, the difference between dull and gloomy to bright and alive. Storage, aghhh this has been difficult for ages. Now it feels like hiding the overflowing hidden storage.

  3. It is amazing what you can do with some simple measures, isn’t it? I have a massive trunk my the front door that has all the shoes and kids play things (balls, skipping ropes etc in) and it makes my hall look so much better. Mich x
    Michelle Twin Mum recently posted…Wearing Orthotic Insoles in my Hotter ShoesMy Profile

  4. Loving your tips our house just feels so cluttered – TIME to change

  5. These are some great tips. I love to hid all my junk in some storage container, ottomans are great for this
    Natasha Mairs recently posted…Life Lately – January 2018My Profile

  6. We rent. It has lots of positives too. Totally agree with you on light. I’d also say wall stickers are fab when you can’t wallpaper too!

  7. We rent. It has lots of positives too. Totally agree with you on light. I’d also say wall stickers are fab when too

  8. I think getting rid of clutter helps any home feel bigger. My problem is that it keeps coming back 🙂

  9. I love the hide your clutter idea – I’ve been doing that for years and it drives the husband nuts (if he can find it that is).

  10. I like the idea of having hidden storage space, such as ottoman beds and stuff under the stairs – it really makes a big difference having a clear floor!

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