Planning Your Disneyland Paris Holiday

Planning Your Disneyland Paris Holiday Part 1


Mummy says…We have been to Disneyland Paris three times in the past 18 months and hope to go again in the next year. It is a bit of a minefield to know how, when and where to book and how to choose your travel, meal plans etc so I will be sharing a series of posts to help you in planning your Disneyland Paris holiday…

Planning Your Disneyland Paris Holiday

The first thing to decide is how many of you are going, and how you want to get there.

The travel options are:

  1. Flying. From UK regional airports to Charles De Gaul Airport in Paris. There are many transfer options and companies to get you easily to DLP.
  2. Eurostar from Ashford. Leave your car at Ashford and catch the Eurostar directly to DLP – the station is literally in the centre of DLP. You can change at Lille which may give you a cheaper journey cost.
  3. Eurotunnel – from Folkestone to Calais. Simply drive your car onto the Eurotunnel train – it is literally a huge train for vehicles – and sit back and relax in your car for 35 minutes until you arrive in Calais. It is then a 3 and a half hour easy drive on main roads to DLP. There is access to toilets for the duration of the journey.
  4. Ferry from Dover to Calais. A 90 minute sailing followed by a three and a half hour drive to DLP.
  5. Travel with a coach company.

Things to consider:

  1. The age of your children travelling. If you are taking a baby, consider all that he will need.
  2. Extra costs such as airport parking, hold luggage costs, fuel, airport transfers etc.
  3. Whether you want or need your car with you.
  4. Weight / size restrictions when flying.
  5. Where you live and distance from ports, airports etc.
  6. Does anyone suffer from travel sickness?


  1. It is usually cheaper to book your transport separately to your hotel and park tickets.
  2. You can only book the Eurostar 60 days before you travel.
  3. You can use Tesco Clubcard Vouchers to pay for the Eurotunnel crossing.

Useful Links:



P&O Ferries

Have you any tips to add for planning your holiday to Disneyland Paris?


  1. 20 years ago i went with a friend
    Would love to go back
    Great tips

  2. I’ve never really planned my trips very much and I’ve only ever had day trips but one year I’d love to stay in a Disney hotel and go for a few days x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…Six Things You Need To Do During A Visit To RomeMy Profile

  3. Hey, thanks for posting something so clear and concise.
    I’ve always wanted to go to Disney Land myself but I don’t know whether it is worth waiting until the step daughter (she’s three) is a bit older and also waiting until we can drive. What would be your advice?

  4. Great tips! We really do need to go one day, even if it’s just to say we’ve been, and Disneyland Paris is definitely the kind of place you need to plan in advance, for sure!

  5. would love to go! we are in the midlands so the drive may be a bit long with my 2 year old yet 🙁

  6. Would love to go. We have been to France many times & usually drive & get the EuroTunnel, so quick & easy x

  7. We opted to take the Eurostar last year, it was much easier than the other options for us with a baby.

  8. These tips were very useful and as a family we adore Disneyland Paris and Disney has become one of our obsessions! love it! 🙂

  9. Great tips. You can book your hotel anywhere in Paris. The metro ticket are really great value in Paris compare to London. And you have a station right by Disneyland.
    Also the food and drink are so expensive inside Disney. Preplan if you can pack lunches or a good budget if eating in.

  10. We have never been to Disneyland Paris and would really love to go – great tip about using Tesco Clubcard vouchers for the crossing I didn’t know that!

  11. We really enjoyed our trip to Disneyland Paris but would love to go back and stay a little bit longer. These are all things we would have to think about if we went bacl
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  12. Need to take the kids to see Disneyland Paris. Then would love it for sure. Great information here.

  13. Bookmarked Hun im planning on taking the girls this year so this will be great to revisit.
    Debbie Nicholas recently posted…Slimming World Recipe: Cheese Burger-Fries PiesMy Profile

  14. Taking my grandson this June to disney land, we are all excited and so glad i read you article!

  15. We are thinking of taking the grandchildren so this blog has been very helpful. thank you.

  16. Was thinking about doing this next year, so your tips and insight have been a great help.

  17. Great tips! We’ve been to DLP once and planning to hopefully return soon!

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