A Train Holiday through Asturias, Spain

A Train Holiday through Asturias, Spain


Mummy says… Asturias is ​an ​undiscovered ​northern ​region ​in Spain. I love discovering new places to learn about, hopefully leading to a holiday there one day. As much as I love travelling with my children I am also loving the opportunity to do a little travelling on my own – or with just one (or both) of my adult daughters. Asturias, Spain looks like a perfect place for us, and I really fancy a holiday by train in Asturias

A Train Holiday through Asturias, Spain

Spain’s northern coast, the Costa Verde (Green Coast) is home to some fantastic scenery including the Picos de Europa Mountains with their jagged limestone peaks. Other reasons why I would love a train holiday through Asturias are:

  1. The scenery sounds just stunning. With lush hills and fields, grassy cliffs and secluded beaches of virgin sand it sounds perfect.
  2. The food. How delicious does high quality, locally caught fish and seafood, cheese and locally sourced casseroles sound?
  3. The drink. Especially the cider (sidra) produced in the area.
  4. Flying from the UK to Bilbao airport is around an hour and forty five minutes.
  5. The climate is mild all year round, and with much warmer temperatures usually from May to October.

Cider (Sidra)is a popular low alcohol drink and is made from locally-grown apples in Asturias. It has been produced there since ancient times., being thought of as  the regional “wine.”

There is a particular way to drink the cider from Asturias – hold a large glass in one hand and a bottle of the cider in the other. Raise the bottle above your head and let the cider fall into the glass, which produces some foam. This pouring method is called escanciar in Spanish and is said to be essential to get the best flavour from the sidra. Only pour an inch or two of cider into the glass and drink immediately.

I have been practising my escanciar and have a little video to show you. I also have a pack of Asturias Cider with a glass for you to win, and you can have a go at pouring some too! Enter below, the competition ends at midnight on 27 February 2018. Good Luck!

The ​‘Slow ​holidays’ ​company ​Inntravel ​offer a wide ​range ​of ​holidays ​are ​wide ​and ​varied, ​with ​something ​for ​all ​walking beginners (ME!) Even ​very ​occasional ​walkers ​can ​enjoy  ​a self-guided ​journey ​from ​one ​wonderful hotel ​to ​the ​next, ​following ​detailed maps ​and ​route ​notes.

Reasons to choose a train holiday through Asturias with Inntravel are:

  • explore by foot and by train
  • charming country hotels
  • flexible options in beautiful scenery
  • self guided journey by rail
  • rail pass included

If, like me, you fancy a slow holiday like this – one where you can leave all the stresses and worries of everyday life behind, concentrating only on the scenery, the food, the drink and living in the moment then holidays like this from the “Slow holidays’ company Inntravel sound just perfect. I love the idea of a holiday with walking too, one that is planned for me but not too strenuous.

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Asturias, Spain
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  1. I’ve never actually heard of Asturias, but anywhere that has good cider is good with me!

    I have one holiday planned for 2018 (Copenhagen in May) which I’m really excited about. I’d also love to visit New York around Christmas/New Year if I can save up by then!

  2. This sounds like a great idea for a holiday, there is just something about that fresh air when you’re away from home; everything seems easier, doesn’t it?
    Olivia recently posted…Stationery haul with Mustard!My Profile

  3. This looks wonderful. And I love travelling by train – I find it very soothing!
    Bread recently posted…Our Three Brilliant (but cold) Days In DublinMy Profile

  4. This sounds like a fab idea for a holiday! The food sounds amazing too! I’ve never visited that side of Spain, only the ridiculously touristy side so that’d be a treat!
    Sarah recently posted…Why Join The Journey To Zero WasteMy Profile

  5. Inntravel have some amazing holidays, don’t they? I loved their winter breaks but haven’t really checked out the summer ones. Trains, Spain and cider sound absolutely wonderful. It think I would slip in a lot of walking in between though. I do love self guided walks as I ca stick to my fast pace.

  6. I know my boyfriend would love this type of holiday. He is a big fan of trains and something that little bit different!

  7. Oh that sounds amazing, my dad went on a walking holiday a little while ago and he spoke so highly of it I’ve fancied doing one myself ever since!

  8. I have never heard of Asturias, let alone been there but it sounds like a great place and also… Cider!

    My daughter wants to do a train holiday in a couple of years when she finishes her GCSE’s, its three weeks travelling around Europe and seeing 10 different cities in a few different countries x
    Charli Bruce recently posted…Empowered women and the rise of the self-love ringMy Profile

  9. I’ve never actually heard of Asturias until now and the scenery looks amazing x

  10. I’ve never heard of Asturias but it looks like an amazing place. Just a shame I don’t like cider so I’ll never get to try this! x

  11. Trains are my favourite mode of transport (a bit geeky I know!) so doing a holiday like this is actually something that would be perfect for me as I’m sure I’d find the actual travel element enjoyable too! xxx

  12. My boys are all train mad and would love this. Great to know that the weather is mild all year round as well. My hubby loves cider so this is a winner idea in my house
    Lynne Harper recently posted…Take Care Of YourselfMy Profile

  13. Train travel is such a lovely way to see the country’s terrain and scenery. I like the idea that you can relax sit back and watch the scenery sail by.

  14. I would love to go on a train holiday. I’ve watched the likes of Joanna Lumley, Michael Palin and even Michael Portillo do some wonderful journeys on trains. It always looks so relaxing. Am loving your helpful little video of pouring, I can just imagine me making an entire mess of it though!

  15. It certainly seems the place to relax and have a great holiday.

  16. I have to admit, I’d never even heard of Asturias before – so learnt something new with this post! I like the idea behind the “slow holidays”, seems to be a much more relaxed way to explore somewhere new x

  17. I think Oscar would enjoy a holiday like this. He’s train mad!

    Louise x
    Louise recently posted…5 Features to Look for When Choosing the Best Beard TrimmerMy Profile

  18. You know we are a family that love a road trip , so this sounds like a wonderful option. Nothing like a slow holiday, with wonderful scenery, fab food and drink…. I’m sold.

  19. Never heard of Inntravel before but love the idea of slow train travel! Great attempt at traditional cider pouring Kaz!

  20. I can confirm that Asturias is indeed stunningly beautiful, and the cider is pretty alright too. We went last Feb for half term, and it was just gorgeous. We were so lucky with the weather, and the food was incredible. We also found a restaurant in Oviedo where robot machine things poured the cider for you at your table! Inntravel sound like an amazing company, and I love the concept of slow train travel too! 🙂
    Emma Raphael recently posted…Sunday Photo – This Way…My Profile

  21. There’s definitely a knack to that cider pouring!! I love the idea of exploring a region by train. It sounds very romantic and oldie worldy

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