10 Basic Essentials for College

10 Basic Essentials for College


Mummy says…If you’re heading off to college for the first time, there are a few things you need to have ready to take with you. Being organised and keeping all your work together will help you achieve your academic goals. Start the term off fully prepared with these 10 basic essentials for college:

10 Basic Essentials for College

1. Pens are one of the most essential items anyone uses at college. It is a good idea to have more than one pen in your bag or pocket because they do get lost or left behind quite easily. If you are going to take an important test or exam, then it is really important to have more than one pen in case they run dry or break mid-essay.
2. Paper for writing or drawing on – unlike school this is usually not provided at college. There are note books to consider as well. The kind of paper you use will depend on the subjects you are studying, so for mathematics for example you might need squared and graph paper.
3. To store handouts and paper neatly, a ring binder is very helpful. There are different colours available so you can organise your subjects effectively, and you can add dividers to separate sections.
4. A ruler is useful for underling neatly and for measuring. They can also be used to move down a page if you are following a complex piece of text in a book.
5. Highlighters can be useful to mark pieces of text on a handout that you would want to bring to your attention quickly. There are a whole range of colours to choose, and there are different thicknesses as well.
6. A large zipped, plastic folder is a handy addition your kit. It will keep booklets, small leaflets and other bits and pieces neat in your bag.
7. Having a USB mobile storage device is a very good idea so you can save any work you have completed on a class computer. It also enables you to take it home and work on it more to make improvements and changes. If you store private information on it, make sure the device you purchase is password protected.
8. A calculator is essential for many subjects, and it is important to get the correct one if a specialist model is needed.
9. A pencil case will help you keep all your pens, highlighters, pencils and other small pieces of equipment together and easy to get in and out of your bag. You don’t have to spend very much money on this item, it just needs to be something large enough to store these essential items.
10. Once you have all the kit you need for college, you will need a bag to take it all in. Backpacks are suitable and are comfortable to use. One with several pockets is a good idea so everything can be organised to make things easy to find. Some have pockets that hold bottles of water, a mobile phone and earphones so look for a design that suits your needs.

Do you have any children off to college this year?


  1. My daughter is moving up to high school this year so many of this essentials are perfect to keep in mind for her too

  2. Great tips on what you need – it can be so easy to forget the most obvious of things sometimes
    Rebecca Smith recently posted…What Type Of Mum Are You?My Profile

  3. I remember making sure we had all the essentials for college well – great list Kaz!
    Mellissa Williams recently posted…How To Use The New York City PassMy Profile

  4. In my experience, you can never have enough folders, one for each subject, with dividers for different modules!

  5. Great tips! I remember getting so excited to get all of my new pens and stationery for college! Post it notes were a big one for me!

  6. Oh I used to LOVE buying stationery and folders for college! Haha. This is a great list, and you’ve definitely noted all the essentials!
    Sarah recently posted…Winnie The Pooh Salt Dough FunMy Profile

  7. A USB device is a great idea these days! Really handy for backing up your work and accessing the printer easily etc.

  8. My two are a long way off college ( approx 8 years!) but they still cost me a small fortune in stationery. I have to run past Smiggle….

  9. That brings back memories
    Have a few neices ready to spread their wings

  10. Nice tips you have here even some of these were useful for when my older son started reception last September!!!
    Folakemi recently posted…Why I think being your own boss is overratedMy Profile

  11. a good sensible list to start with.

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