What is the Difference between Fostering and Adoption?

What is the Difference between Fostering and Adoption?

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Mummy says…Giving a foster child love, stability and the care they need is a rewarding thing both to the adult and the child. You can do this either by adoption or by fostering. It is important to understand the main difference between these two options before you make a decision. It might look like there are no significant differences in both scenarios, especially if you already are a foster parent and want to take care of the child long term. However, there are some things you need to consider…

What is the Difference between Fostering and Adoption?

The points below should help you answer fostering Q&A and help you understand which process to commit to.

Legal Differences

As a foster parent, you can only give support and care to a child when they are caught in a difficult situation in their family. This means the child can be taken from their original birth family if they there are cases of abuse, neglect or any reason why the parents are not able to take care of the child. Once the matter is handled and resolved, the child can go back to their family members.

The main point of foster care is to make sure that children are reunited with their biological parents in the long run. And if that is not possible, other family members can still care for that child.  A foster parent will work with the agency in charge of child welfare or the biological parents of the child to make sure that the child is well taken care of.

Adoption, on the other hand, means that the rights of the parents will be taken away from them. The child will start living with another family without the hopes of being returned to their biological parents. The adoptive parents will make all the decisions related to how the child will be brought up and their wellbeing. You as an adoptive parent will not have the worry that the biological parents will appear one day to take the child back.

Emotional Differences

As a foster child, most children feel that they will go back to their biological parents one day. If they think that a situation is temporary, they might not feel free to open up to the foster parents. or talk about the reasons why they ended up in a foster home to begin with. Foster parents can have a harder time connecting and making a change in the child’s life.

Adopted children often tend to miss the love and care from their biological parents if they had that type of relationship. If the child has a permanent home, adoption parents can start building a relationship with the children making it easier for the child to open up and deal with those emotions.

Financial Differences

You will get some amount of money that will cater to the needs of the child as a foster parent. This money will take care of things such as food, clothing, healthcare and much more.

As an adoptive parent, this expense is solely yours however there are cases where you can get financial assistance depending on the child’s health.

Have you any experience with fostering and adoption?

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  1. I don’t have any personal experience
    Have friends that both adopt and foster
    All have their own reasons for taking in these roles
    Takes a very SPECIAL kind of person
    Hats off to them all

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