Top Tips for your Child's First Ski Holiday

Top Tips for your Child’s First Ski Holiday


Mummy says….Taking the little ones on their first ski holiday? This might be a little scary and worrying, but if you plan ahead and book the right break you can enjoy the first ever ski experience with your family. Here are a few tips to ensure your family ski break is amazing for both you and your children…

Top Tips for your Child's First Ski Holiday

Stay in a Chalet with Childcare

Finding the right place to stay is essential when booking a family ski holiday and to get the best
experience for your child’s first ski holiday, a Chalet is the best option. Companies who specialise in family ski holidays will usually have everything you need for a stay with small children. This might include nappies, wipes and even baby food. Booking with a company that knows what families need means they have thought about your requirements before you have! Think about getting from one place to the next for example. Some places will offer all-terrain buggies for use in the snow and be located near the main ski and resort areas.  You can also expect bed guards, stair gates, cot beds and high chairs, making your life easier in a Chalet.
For very young children you can book childcare, perfect for those who are not old enough to ski.

Even if the children can ski they may not be able to (or want to) ski the whole time the adults are. When you book with a reputable company you can anticipate fully qualified staff who are enhanced CRB checked, fully referenced and first aid trained.

Book children’s ski lessons and clubs

If you want your child to learn to ski, you must book them lessons. They will get the most out of their experience if they are being taught by a qualified instructor. Children can learn to ski from about 3 years old, and the requirements for regular ski schools are usually that the child is potty trained, can follow and understand instructions and have the ability to communicate. It is fun for children but also tiring too, so lessons last only a couple of hours depending on their age. Specially trained instructors know how to teach children and make learning fun and enjoyable whilst still being safe. They will learn with other children of around the same age, making friends and enjoying the environment together.
There are also kid’s clubs that arrange different activities for children to take part in. It gives them an alternative to ski lessons whilst still getting outdoors and enjoying the snow. It’s great for children who are not willing or able to try skiing just yet. You can alternate between lessons and club activities so that children and families make the most of your holiday.

Prepare the family for skiing

If this is your child’s very first ski holiday, they may have no idea what skiing is and what they will be doing. It is important to prepare for the holiday before you go, so that you can make the most of your time whilst you are there. One important thing to do is make sure the family are fit enough for skiing before you travel. Skiing is a tiring activity and it can be hard to keep it up for more than a day or two if you are unfit. Plan some activities together before you go, such as walking, bike riding or even having a try at skiing at your local dry slope. These will all set you in good stead for your time on the slopes. Tired achy children are not having fun, so by making sure they are prepared you will help make your trip amazing.
Other things you can do to prepare is to explain what the resorts are like. Talk to the children about what they will be doing, the choices they have and show them photos and videos of the resort you will be staying at. They will know what to expect and it won’t be so daunting when you arrive.

Take advantage of the après ski

Not only is Après ski for adults, but the  children can enjoy it too. Family friendly resorts often have plenty of things for families to do. These activities might include tobogganing, ice skating, swimming and watching a film at the cinema. Booking a ski resort that caters for families will mean there are plenty of options to relax and entertain the whole family. Some activities might have to be pre-booked, whilst others are included in your package holiday. Larger family resorts will usually have indoor activity centres and swimming pools which means you have an alternative to the col outdoor things to do. One things for sure the children will never be bored and they will remember their first skiing holiday as an excellent adventure.
After a long day skiing you may want to stay in your chalet and relax with the kids or you might want to take advantage of childcare or baby-sitting services. This gives you as parents a chance to go out and blow off some steam. The kids will be happy with everything they need in place so you don’t have to worry. Benefit from the resorts bars and restaurants and take that break while you can.

What do you think? Will you be booking your child’s first ski holiday?

As you can see, there are many reasons you should take the family on a ski holiday and the sooner children learn to ski the better. Kids will love the range of activities on offer and not to mention being able to ski just like mommy and daddy. Your first ski adventure as a family will be the beginning of a lifetime of memories. Think about booking your next ski break soon!


  1. Not been skiing for many YEARS
    I know my nephews would love to try for themselves

  2. Id love to take my kids skiing. I think they would love it

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