The Best Music Festivals in Europe

The Best Music Festivals in Europe


Mummy says…Europe is such a fascinating place, a collection of so many countries, cultures, experiences and festivals. Europeans love their festivals and enjoy celebrating just about everything! One of the biggest and best loved celebrations is music and boy do we love our music festivals. If you are travelling to Europe, why not consider attending one (or more!) of their awesome music festivals…

The Best Music Festivals in Europe

Just like how easy it is to get flight tickets or a travel insurance quote, you can easily find and book concert tickets for any of the festivals.
To help guide you through The Best Music Festivals in Europe, here is a list of some of them:

DGTL Festival Barcelona (Spain)

The DGTL Festival happens at the coast of Parc del Fòrum, just north of Barcelona. It started as the Spanish version of the Dutch Techno festival. It is meant to showcase a different genre of music, the synth-techno sound that uses digital instruments and synthetic beats. Through the years, it has attracted large crowds, not just in Amsterdam, but also in Spain. Since then, DGTL Festival Barcelona has continued to invite big techno artists for their lineup.

The BPM Festival (Portugal)

This ten day and night festival held in Mexico in Playa del Carmen, was founded by Philip Pulitano and Craig Pettigrew in 2008, celebrates electronic music and is a big gathering of the world’s professionals in the electronic music industry. Over 70,000 producers, DJs, and the like come to the beaches of Playa del Carmen to share with festival goers their music. The venue isn’t just at the beaches and beach clubs of Playa del Carmen but also at a underground restaurant and at nightclubs.
The attendance grew to over 70,000 attendees in 2016 from the 35,000 people that attended in 2012. On its tenth year, BPM is the number one tropical getaway for any dance music lover. The festival however, will move to Portugal in 2017 and will open in September. The festival has won two awards, the International Festival Award and Best Festival Award, and was nominated for several awards such as Best Music Event, and Festival of the Year.

Lollapalooza Berlin (Germany)

Lollapalooza Berlin festival happens at Rennbahn Hoppegarten. Its origins can be dated back in 1991, during a farewell concert by Perry Farrell, the singer for Jane’s Addiction. But what started as a farewell tour quickly became an annual concert tradition where punk, alternative rock, heavy metal, hip hop, and EDM bands come together to perform in front of large crowds. Just like the aforementioned Fête de la Musique, it has made its way outside of Germany, and being held in the US and Buenos Aires.

Rock en Seine (France)

Rock music lovers will definitely enjoy this three day rock music festival held in the west of Paris, in the Domaine National de Saint-Cloud in the Château de Saint-Cloud's park — a park considered to be a monument historique. Amusingly, the festival’s name is a pun on the pronunciation of the French word “scène” which means stage, and Seine, the name of the river that separates Paris from Saint-Cloud. In its first year, the festival had two stages, a lineup of ten artists and an attendance of about 22,000 people. In 2014, the festival grew to five stages, a line-up of 65 artists, and an attendance of 120,000 people. So if you’re looking for a rock music fix in Europe, this festival might be perfect for you.

Camp Bestival / Bestival, Lulworth (UK)

Camp Bestival is the UK’s best loved family friendly festival, and has something for all ages from tots to teens, young adults to mums and dads. It is awesome with live music across two main stgaes and dozens of other venues, crafts, activities and a dedicated Teen Only area. Bestival is a music festival which moved to mainland UK from The Isle of Wight this year. Both are well worth attending.

Have you been to any of the festivals, or do you have any others to recommend?



  1. My itinery is set love to go to Rock on Seine – my friend lives nearby and thoroughly recommends I go

  2. Camp Bestival is a favourite of mine! You should definitely try Latitude too, it’s great for children!

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