Awesome Tools for Setting Goals

Awesome Tools for Setting Goals


Mummy says…Happy New Year to each and everyone of our lovely readers, I hope 2018 is an awesome year for you. I am not very good at planning, but have decided this must change, and so have been spending a little time looking for some awesome tools for setting goals….

Awesome Tools for Setting Goals

Like most people – especially bloggers – I am never without my iPhone, so I wanted an app that would help me, as I need to be able to update it in the go. I wanted something that would also keep track of my goal planning, and one app for all my goals, whatever area of my life they related to. I have chosen Brain Tracy;s Goal Wizard which looks perfect, easy to use and keeps me updated daily with reminders etc. The app is free for Android and Apple.

I love all things holistic, and scour the internet for support, courses, books etc that can help me with my personal development. A lot of what is out there is not very good, or if it is, it is expensive.

I was thrilled then, to come across and have signed up for one of their courses,  ‘A Year to Clear What is Holding You Back!’ It has 365 daily lessons and cost me just £10. You can donate £10, £20 or £30 for the course as the writer believes that a lack of finances shouldn’t prevent anyone from benefitting from the course. I fully intend to pay the additional cost when my work returns over the next week or so. 

Here is a little preview from the course creator STEPHANIE BENNETT VOGT:

“In these 365 days you will:

  • Cultivate the “5 Ss of Clearing”: slow down, simplify, sense, surrender, self-care.
  • Learn to unplug, detach, disidentify, depersonalize, do less and be (a lot) more.
  • Learn to identify and bypass fight-or-flight triggers that keeep you stuck and unable to move forward.
  • Learn to read different energy signatures in a space; and experience how clearing just one thing or thought changes the energy in the space.
  • Cultivate extreme self-care.
  • Learn to set clear energetic boundaries with others; recognize what is “yours” and what is not.
  • Develop one-minute clearing habits that will work exponentially to nourish and support you in letting go.
  • Expand your awareness of who you are and realize at the deepest level what you came here to be.

365 lessons are organized into 52 weekly segments. Here are some themes you’ll be playing with:


  • Moving Stuck Energy
  • Releasing Old Stories
  • Connecting With Home
  • Being Enough
  • Shining Light On Invisible Clutter
  • Leaning Into Resistance
  • Breaking The Chain of Pain
  • Living Imperfectly
  • Waiting It Out
  • Cultivating Stillness
  • Embracing Mystery
  • Supporting Release
  • Forgiving
  • Flourishing

At the end of each seven-day period you will have an opportunity to “check in” with yourself: to reflect upon and integrate the messages of the preceding week.”

Doesn’t it sound amazing?

I am aware that one of my biggest obstacles is me, and I am always on the look out for anything to help me clear away internal mental and emotional blockages that are preventing me from moving forward and achieving my goals.

Another one of my awesome tools for setting goals is my Bullet Journal. I started my first one exactly one year ago and I love it. I tailor it to my own particular needs, and love how it flows with no restrictions or rules. I am planning my 2018 one to include Daily Time Management Plans, and to write down my goals in every area of  my life.

I started last year at rock bottom, mentally, physically and emotionally and couldn’t actually imagine surviving the year, but I sought help and have slowly grown stronger and more confident every week.

I hope you check out these awesome tools for setting goals, and that they help you in some way. I would love to hear of any that you use, and what goals you have set for 2018.


  1. Good luck with the course! It sounds like something I need to look into, as I’m one of my biggest obstacles too x

  2. Love the sound of this app. I would also love to try Bullet Journalling but it always looks too time comsuming!

  3. I have heard a lot about bullet journals. I find writing a to do list every day helps with my goals. That course ‘A Year To Clear what is holding you back’ sounds interesting
    Mellissa Williams recently posted…Grab A Luxury Bargain With BidKit For eBayMy Profile

  4. The course sounds fantastic and its something I would definitely benefit from. This year I’m trying to plan as much as i can and stick to it unlike the last few years when i have winged my way through life x

  5. Those courses and Bullet Journal sound interesting. I will have to check further on those as I might avail.

  6. I am so glad you shared this, I love setting goals rather than making new year’s resolutions and I am trying to practice self-love this year. I am so glad you are in a better space now More emotional successes for you for 2018! xoxox

  7. sounds good. I need to be more organised this year and would love to bullet journal

  8. Sounds like an interesting course and its lovely that you can pay what you can afford.
    Nayna Kanabar recently posted…Jodhpur~India TravelsMy Profile

  9. Love this! I have a planner that I use religiously.
    I would love to bullet journal but I would want to make it all fancy and no don’t have the time 🙂
    Love the idea of the course though – it would be perfect for me.
    Thanks for sharing this hun
    Charlotte x

  10. Sounds great – guiding you through daily makes the journey easier

  11. Fabulous post which has given me a lot of food for thought.

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