Grandparents are so cool

Why My Grandparents are so cool


Pickle says…. I have two very special people in my life whom I love dearly, and who love me. They are always there for me, Mummy, and my brother and sisters in every way. These people are my grandparents, my mummy’s mum and dad, and I want to tell you why my grandparents are SO cool….

Grandparents are so cool

I only have one set of grandparents – my daddy’s mum and dad are both dead, I never met them. I do have my Daddy’s step mum, but she lives away and we don’t see her. I also have Mummy’s good friend, who we call Granny Jane – she is very special and very cool too. She is always there for Mummy and we love her.

Anyway, my grandparents are so cool, important and  very special to me.

Here are just some of the things they do for us:

  1. My Grandad cuts our grass and looks after our garden.
  2. My grandparents have us to stay whenever Mummy has to go away with work.
  3. No matter when Mummy asks, they pick us up from school if Mummy gets held up.
  4. If Mummy needs anything doing at home, and they can help, they do.
  5. They visit MiMi in Bristol at least twice every year, and buy her a big food shop and anything else she needs. (She has just finished University).
  6. They always ask how we all are.
  7. They go out of their way to meet up with us locally for a walk or coffee.
  8. They have even planned and booked holidays to meet up with us – I love it when we are all together.
  9. They never ever judge Mummy or any decisions she has made, they just want her to be happy.
  10. They have helped Mummy buy so many things when something has broken and she couldn’t do it herself.

It is safe to sat that we would not be where we are today without my grandparents, Mummy hasn’t had an easy time and they are her rock. And Mummy is our rock.

Shepherd’s Friendly have some ideas on how grandparents are cool, we thought you would like to see them!


Pretty cool, huh? My grandparents are so positive and cheery – they always tell us all how great we are and how much they love us. They encourage us with everything we do, and support all our ideas and dreams. They are both pretty tech cool too as they each have their own iPad!

So, I think you will agree that my grandparents are so cool and pretty awesome too – are yours?


  1. My little man would totally agree with you! He adores his grandparents. Love you hat btw x

  2. You are very lucky, your grandparents sound like my mum, she’s amazing and will do anything to help, she spoils her grandchildren and I know if I need anything and can’t afford it she will help, although I try not too xxx

  3. Ah this is so sweet, you are very lucky to have such wonderful people in your life! I wish my children had grandparents like this!

  4. Nawww I love this post! Grandparents are just the best and there is nothing better when your a parent being able to watch the relationship evolve between our parents and our children x

  5. Aww this is so sweet! I wish Luke’s grandparents were a bit more involved but I suppose we have an interesting family dynamic.

  6. I’d say Pretty cool
    Great to see everyone so happy

  7. How lovely, I was always spoiled by my grandma but my mum and dad never knew
    Grandparents really are so special.

  8. I loved reading this – as a grandparent myself, I try very hard to be involved and interested in my grandchildren and they have become great friends too.

  9. Lovely to read, unfortunately my parents were unable to help with my children & the hubbys parents live in Ireland so we don’t get to see them as much as we would like

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