Start your day with Ready Brek

Start your day with Ready Brek


Pickle says… Mummy insists I have breakfast every day, and tries to get me to eat something which is good for me (not always easy!). Luckily, I have loved Ready Brek since I was a baby. It is 100% natural, with added vitamins and minerals, super easy to make and it tastes yummy! Here is how we start the day with Ready Brek…

Start your day with Ready Brek

The alarm goes off at 6.15am. Unless I wake Mummy before 😉 I play in bed with my favourite toy – which at the moment is this awesome Despicable Me 3 playset with mini Minions. Dru’s Super Lair from Flair comes with 3 Mineez characters and lots of cool features such as sound effects, a slide and loads more. I love play sets like this with little tiny figures and Daddy has already bought me two more Mineez character sets to play with too!

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When Mummy has had her shower, we head downstairs and I watch a little TV whilst Mummy makes my packed lunch for school. She has a coffee and makes my Ready Brek.

At the moment whilst I have my Ready Brek I like watching Despicable Me 3 – it is such a fab film, featuring everyone I expected and love, Gru, Lucy, Margo, Edith and Agnes and the Minions. But there is a new baddy in town – Balthaza Bratt who is hilarious. If you are a Minions fan, you MUST see this. I won’t tell you what happens so I don’t spoil anything for you!

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I usually have my Ready Brek plain and simple, as it is super tasty as it is. One of the great things about Ready Brek is that Mummy can make it with the lactose free milk which I have and when I was a baby, Mummy could make it with my special formula milk. It has always been one of my most favourite breakfasts.

There lots of ways you can jazz up your Ready Brek as follows:

  1. Add berries such as blueberries or strawberries.
  2. Add sliced banana.
  3. Add honey or jam.

Ready Brek is 60% wholegrain rolled oats, 38% wholegrain oat flour with Calcium, Niacin, Iron, Riboflavin (B2), Vitamin B6, Thiamin (B1), Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12.

Calcium is for healthy bones and teeth.

Vitamin D is for a healthy immune system.

Oat fibre for healthy digestion.


After I have had my breakfast, it is always a mad rush to get washed, dressed, teeth brushed and my bag all ready for school whilst Mummy gets ready and takes Lea to the college bus stop. We leave the house at around 8.15 to drop big bro Luke off first, then it is my turn.

After a very busy morning, I am very busy in school so it is a good job I have my tummy full of Ready Brek!

Have you tried Ready Brek?

Look out in food stores and all good supermarkets for the special Despicable Me 3 Ready Brek Packs where you can win Despicable prizes every hour.

The play set is around £35, needs 2 AAA Batteries and is for children aged 5 and over.

The DVD is out now for around £10.





  1. We love Ready Brek in our house too, it’s delicious.

  2. Best start to the day to fuel us through all our adventures

  3. we love porridge in our house – even better if it can be made quickly and doesn’t has lots of sugar in it! 🙂
    Rebecca | AAUBlog recently posted…Going Green: It Is Easier Than You Think!My Profile

  4. My girls always used to eat porridge when they were babies, now they won’t touch it! Haha! I’ve tried, but they’d rather have a crossaint or bagel!

  5. Aw, i can’t believe how big Pickle is getting. He’s looking so grown up in these photos!
    My kids love Ready-Brek too x

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