Keeping Your Family Happy and Healthy During Winter

Keeping Your Family Happy and Healthy During Winter


Mummy says…Winter is the season for cold and flu with approximately 150 million sick days being taken annually while children miss as many as 189 million accumulated school days a year due to colds and flu. This year, the UK flu season is expected to be the worst in years due to the potential arrival of the dreaded Aussie flu. Just because winter is the season for sickness doesn’t mean that you and your family have to be victims of it…

Keeping Your Family Happy and Healthy During Winter

Bugs have the ability to spread around families like wildfire, making it extremely important to keep your loved ones happy and healthy by following certain preventative measures and making sure systems are in place to provide your family with reliable medical care should they become sick. Boosting immune systems and keeping your home warm and safe are just two examples of how you can prevent those you care about from spending winter feeling under the weather.

Stay warm and maintain good hygiene levels

Instead of wearing one thick coat or jumper, try layering up for added insulation – it will help you save on your heating bills as well. When using central heating try not to make the house too hot as that carries its own set of health risks. Aim to keep the temperature at between 16 and 21 degrees and make use of draught excluders to prevent heat escaping from the house. Keeping good hygiene levels are vital in your family’s battle against germs. Encourage your loved ones, especially the children, to wash their hands regularly and make use of anti-bacterial wipes / soap / gel and anti-bacterial wipes while on-the-go.

Eat healthily and drink plenty

You can significantly boost your family’s immune system by making sure they eat healthy and balanced meals. Wholegrain carbs such as potatoes and brown rice together with healthy protein sources and large amounts of fruits and vegetables are essential parts of a nutritious diet and will provide you and your family with all the vitamins and minerals needed to combat the cold and flu this winter. Staying hydrated is equally important, particularly when your heating is turned on and you run the risk of dehydrating faster.  Water is by far the healthiest drink, while alcohol intake should be limited as it can suppress your immune system.

Stock up on medicines and get plenty of sleep

Make sure your medicine cabinet contains all the winter basics such as paracetamol, decongestants and cold remedies so that you can start treating someone who falls ill right away.  Remember to keep all medicines out of reach of children. Getting a flu shot could help boost your family’s immune systems tremendously and should be taken during October and early November before the UK flu season reaches its peak. The cold winter months present you with the perfect opportunity to stay in bed a bit longer and catch up on some sleep. Sufficient sleep is really important in keeping healthy.

While healthy living is of vital importance during winter, health insurance is also a good idea. In addition to the above measures, finding some affordable medical health insurance options to keep your family protected is something to think about too.

Have you any other tips for keeping your family happy and healthy during winter?

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  1. I feel like I have been sick with colds and coughs since September! Good tips for staying away from all these pesky germs.

  2. Always harder at this time of year
    Great tips to see us through

  3. Some great tips here … Its going to be a terrible year if that Aussie flu hits us all hard xx

  4. I have to admit getting enough sleep is where I fall back on myself and even with my children. They don’t want to go to bed and I want to but can’t as I have so much to do.
    MELANIE EDJOURIAN recently posted…A First Visit To Winter WonderlandMy Profile

  5. My poor niece recently had a dreadful cold, the poor thing been so ill. So when I went over to babysit her, I’ve been tucking her up in my electric blanket and giving her warm milk. Trying to keep her warm from al the cold weather we been having. These are great tips. xx

  6. I like the idea of eating brown rice and potatoes to ward off against sickness and getting plenty of sleep would definitely help as well!

  7. These are great tips. It can be so hard to keep illnesses away at winter can’t it! We always seem to get horrible coughs this time of year, I blame our old, terrible storage heating!

  8. Great tips – I always try to do lots of these things in the winter, coming down with winter bugs is the worst.

  9. My family and I get the flu vaccine every year but this year I have been so ill with a virus that I swear is as bad as the flu! It has slowly made its way around my family but so far (touch wood) hasn’t reached my son. It is the one and only thing I hate about winter, too many bugs

  10. Great tips. I try to make everyone in my family drink plenty of water as much as possible to keep hydrated. Water is the first thing which we stop drinking more in winter due to cold temperatures.

  11. Keeping the medicine cabinet stocked is definitely a must! I’m also so aware of hand and face hygiene at this time of year to stop myself ingesting the bugs. Particularly working in an office I’m so aware of touching things like hand rails then touching my keyboard and face. Yuck!

    I hope you all keep well over winter.

    V <3

  12. I have kept a well stocked medicine cabinet this year, so much sickness around. Hopefully we are nearly through the winter now

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