Book Your Family Holiday and Save

Book Your Family Holiday and Save


Mummy says….Travelling is not our household’s biggest expense, but I do admit that it’s the expense I care the most about because we LOVE travelling. I love all the planning and scheduling, our family holidays are an investment of my time and emotions as much as money. I have some great tips to help you book your family holiday and save….

Book Your Family Holiday and Save

Think wisely

Remember that children grow up very fast and the moment when your children will not want to go anywhere with you is getting closer and closer every single day. Now is the time to make holiday memories for your kids, organise some crazy schedules and have fun!
We have the best time on our holidays which is why my 21 year old still actually wants to travel with us! Well, at least for another year.

Decide where to go

First, you should decide where you want to go. There are plenty of ways to do that, and you can include your children in planning – they will love it!
A great game at Christmas time is to get a globe (or map) to pick out the best places to visit. Rotate it, close your eyes, start counting and on THREE everyone puts their finger on the globe (or circle your arm above the map then point). You can talk about the destinations and learn more about them, even if you don’t end up visiting Zambia or Australia!

Choose the right time and save money

Choosing the right time for travelling is usually an excellent way to save a lot of money. If you choose the best time to book a hotel you can save even up to 55% on early bookings. You could visit popular and very expensive destinations during off-season or during shoulder season (the time between peak and off-peak).
In Greece, for example, the shoulder seasons are May and September generally, but for islands such as Santorini or Mykonos, it is November too. Or, if your children dream about Disneyland Paris (as mine do), the best time to visit is during the school year. Choosing a long weekend and making the most of inset days and our half terms are a great option.
Another option is to travel in October, but be aware that it could be a tricky time of year for weather in the Mediterranean. If you decide to organise your family holiday at this time, you could consider the Canaries or Morocco.

How to get there

For us, one of the best ways is to get in the car and just go. This gives us a great opportunity to avoid a strict timetable and see so many things on the way. This may not suit everyone, especially if you travel with a baby or really small children. Travelling by car can be pretty strenuous and boring for them.

In many cases the best choice for a family is flying. The cheapest way is to fly during less desirable times such as midweek, late at night or early in the morning. Considering an indirect flight may not be the best option when you travel with children, but the savings may be worth it.
When booking online, check more sites and take advantage of the feature called flexible-travel- date search. They let you compare fares for dates.

Choosing the right accommodation is essential

Regardless of whether you travel alone, with your partner and especially with your family, a beach hotel is a great choice.
Dragging everything to the beach from your accommodation half an hour away is never relaxing!
Imagine waking up with the sea in front of your eyes and drinking the first morning coffee with the smell of salt water and sun cream. Not to mention that going to sleep with gentle sounds of waves in background is absolutely heaven!
A perfect option to save money and have some more space is to rent a house or villa. You could share with grandparents or really good friends to save even more.

Try something new

Take advantage of any special offers for beach club holidays around. They can offer water sports, cycling, island excursions and so much more.
Make your little children happy by finding an awesome kids club to entertain them. Many of these clubs are free  and run seven days a week so you can get some precious me-time!
Just imagine that your children can try new things and meet lots of new friends under
Don’t forget to check if you need to pre-book your places even they are free and inclusive.
Always compare holiday prices in high street travel agents and online, and remember it is never to early to book! Have you been thinking about next years summer holiday yet?


  1. Oh we love trying something new. Me and my family goes to a place where we havent been. We just love traveling.

  2. These are great tips! I never have the money to travel but I’m hoping to take my kids to Disneyworld next Summer so here’s hoping:)

  3. Great tips, we take UK trips which we love, they take alot of planning especially this year with an 8 month old baby, remembering her steriliser bottles etc, and keeping her happy for the 6 hour drive to Norfolk, we made plenty of service stops it’s easy with our older two it’s just snacks and portable dvd players xXx

  4. Great ideas on how to save money on holidays! I like the sound of booking during off season so that you can get cheaper holidays!

  5. Trying something new during the holiday season for sure! Sometimes, we tend to do whatever other people have already done, but it’s always fun to go out and explore something new! I love all your saving tips!

  6. Fab travel tips here. I love travelling too. It is amazing to explore the world.

  7. Sounds amazing
    We’re looking for 2018 holiday places
    Definately one to look at

  8. I love these tips and will definitely be sharing these with my family! We all really want to go to Disneyworld soon so currently pinching all the pennies and working out when is best to book/travel etc!

  9. Thanks for these great tips, reading this has got me in the mood to go search out some holiday ideas! Your right about planning though, last year we left it kind of last minute and we were so stressed trying to sort everything out!
    Jess Howliston recently posted…Alternative Christmas Advent Calendars.My Profile

  10. We’ve already booked a holiday in Italy for next year and a ferry to go over to France – it’s so much cheaper if you book far ahead!

  11. Some great tips, we love self catering villas and you can really lower the price by booking everything seperately, we usually fly out with one airline and back with another and be open to checking cheaper airports. Sometimes its cheaper to fly from a smaller, farther away airport, and have a night in a nearby hotel than to fly from our closest airport

  12. Love investigating new places or even staying in new hotels in a city I have visited before. Can’t travel too far abroad due to health stuff but loved America (when I was able to go) just to see how the people in different parts of the world do stuff and even the different foods. Need a day and a half to visit one Wal-mart lol.

  13. some good advice on when to book holidays with children, thank you.

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