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Top Tips for Your First Family Skiing Trip


Going on your first family skiing holiday is always an exciting experience. Sharing your passion with your children for the first time is a big moment. However, many parents forget that their holiday will be very different when they are bringing children along. You need to consider everything all over again, not thinking you can just book the same break as you usually wood.

family skiing, child skiing
Of course, there is nothing wrong with going to your favourite Ski destination as you did pre-children but you may have to change the way you think about where you stay, your dining options and how you’ll entertain the children in the evening.

Here are a few top tips for booking your first family ski holiday:

Choosing the right accommodation

You might be used to staying in comfortable hotels, however staying with family is different. Being in one small room with a lot of equipment is not the best situation when staying as a family group. You should remember you are likely to want more space than a hotel can provide.

A chalet is a good idea as there are areas where you can relax as a family and unwind after a day on the slopes. It also gives you a home from home feel with different catering options so you don’t have to worry when it comes to meal times.

The proximity to the ski lifts and also the resort centre is worth considering. You don’t want a long trek to get to the slopes or to pick up any essentials in the town. Researching accommodation and checking what is included for families is a must before booking. Check out reviews too and make sure the place is exactly right for you.

Know what to pack

If you have been on a ski holiday before, you’ll know what you need for yourself but now you are bringing the children you have to know what to bring for them too. First of all, you should list what you can hire in resort and what you must bring along yourself.

Being prepared and organised is the key to packing smart. Setting everything out and organising luggage into packing cubes will mean you are less likely to forget the essentials. Check out the reviews of best packing cubes here.

Don’t buy expensive ski gear for the children, especially if it is their first time. Hiring boots, ski suits  and other equipment is a better alternative. Firstly, as kids will grow out of ski gear very quickly and you don’t know the next time you will use it and secondly you need to test how much they like skiing before forking out for costly kit.

Don’t try to teach the children yourself

Many parents make the mistake of thinking they will be able to teach their children to ski themselves.
Even if you are a great skier, chances are you don’t have the skills to teach someone else. Your children will be more receptive learning from another person, and the instructors who teach children are specialists in their field.

Booking children’s ski lessons in advance is a good idea as you will know the cost and lesson times enabling you to plan the rest of your holiday around it. Leaving the children to it with their instructors gives you some quality time on the slopes to yourselves, relieving the worry and stress of the children learning for the first time. Leave it to the professionals and soon you’ll all be tackling the slopes together.

Don’t Forget to look into après ski activities

There is no point booking a fabulous ski resort that has no child or family friendly après ski activities.
You don’t want to arrive on your ski holiday only to find out that après ski is geared towards adults only. If children want to take a break from skiing, it’s great to have different activities available to enjoy as well. You will want to keep them entertained.

Family friendly resorts often have plenty for families to do. Tobogganing, ice skating, swimming and even cinemas, because sometimes we all need quiet time to sit relax and watch a film. Try to mix up the activities during your break to keep everyone in your party happy. So, if skiing hasn’t worn out the little ones, make sure there are other activities to absorb that energy the children always seem to have.

Book your travel transfer arrangements

You’ve booked your flight and chalet but when you get to the airport you realise you don’t know how you are getting to your resort. This can be a terrible start to your holiday and it’s the worst time to be waiting around at the airport. When you have lots of luggage, tired children and still have a journey ahead of you, it is the last thing you want.

The best thing you can do is to book your holiday as a package so you have everything included, flights transfers and accommodation. Transfers booked with tour operators are fast and efficient and you’ll probably find you are sharing a coach with fellow passengers from your flight. Knowing you have transfers waiting for you at the airport gives you peace of mind and one less think to worry about.

Factor in some me time as a couple

So, you are super organised and have everything covered when it comes to the children. They will want for nothing, will have plenty to do and the daily routine is completely planned. But have you thought about adult time?

Some family chalets offer in chalet childcare or babysitting services which allows parents to enjoy themselves too. Remember it’s your holiday too and you’ll want some time to relax. Even if you don’t want to leave the children behind, make time to relax and enjoy the chalet surroundings.
Perhaps enjoy a glass of wine in front of the log fire once the kids are snug in bed.


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Have you been on a skiing holiday with your children? Have you any top tips for your first family skiing trip to share with us? Please let us know below.


  1. I’ve never been skiing so this is really helpful. It’s also so important to factor in time as a couple!

  2. Some really helpful tips here. We’ve never been skiing before so this is really helpful.

  3. I’ve never been skiing – am accident prone enough without attempting it ha! That being said I would love to take lily one day so will save these tips for future reference!

  4. I went for my one and only lesson in my 20s and was terrified of falling (which I did, albeit on the nursery slope!) Children have less fear than adults so it’s a great idea for them to learn early. A lot of helpful tips here.

  5. I’ve never been on a ski holiday and to be honest it doesn’t appeal to me. I think you’re right about parents trying to teach their kids, it’s so important to book lessons x
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  6. I have to admit I’ve never skied, but it’s something I would like to try as a family. These tips will definitely help

  7. I have never been skiing but to be fair I hate the cold and snow so I don’t think I’d be good on a skiing holiday, my children would probably love it, these are fab tips xxx

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