Tips for Holidaying with Teens

Tips for Holidaying with Teens


Mummy says….If (like me) you are the parent of a teenager (or two), you already know what temperamental creatures they can be!
Once adolescents reach a certain age, they may balk at the very notion of spending time with their family. Don’t worry. You can still take a happy family holiday, even with teens in tow, we have some tips for holidaying with teens….

Tips for Holidaying with Teens

Plan your trip together

When deciding upon a holiday destination, ask your teen’s opinion and listen to their answer. Take
their desires into consideration, and they may better understand the point of taking a break as a family unit. Explain the family travel budget, and accommodate your teenager’s wishes as well as you can. If your teen’s dream destination is out of the question, allow them to fully participate in the planning of your itinerary. If your teenage child feels involved in the planning, disappointment and unhappy surprises are greatly reduced.
Planning a road trip? Let your licensed teen manage part of the driving. (I can’t wait for this!) When teenagers feel responsible, they may be more likely to cooperate with -and actually, enjoy- family travel plans.

Flex a few family rules

At home, you probably (try) and enforce a number of rules regarding acceptable teen behaviour. While on
holiday, relax some of those rules. Don’t enforce bedtime, and let your older kids sleep in while you and the little ones go to breakfast at the Marriott Suites or wherever you are staying. Extend evening curfew by an hour, so your teen can explore the local scene with local peers. Let them skip a formal restaurant dinner and order room service pizza, instead. Let them know that this is temporary for the holiday and not the new family rules!  Teens who are afforded a bit of leeway tend to be happier, more cooperative travel companions, say travel pros at HowToLearn magazine.
Don’t be afraid of acting silly in front of your teen, laughter goes a long way towards making your trip with a teen more lighthearted and easy, explains GoodnCrazy magazine. Allow your teens time alone to explore, and they will enjoy time together as a family even more when you reunite.

Keep them busy and let them get tired

Such is the advice offered by numerous family travel experts. Teens are more apt to enjoy a trip when you let them occasionally explore a new location on their own. This rule especially applies when you take a family cruise or visit a resort that provides numerous activities. Remind them of the safety rules, and encourage your eager adolescents to have an adventure alone. Chances are good they will return to your hotel room with a fascinating story to share.

A family holiday can be a whole lot of fun, provided parents are willing to negotiate. Let your teens
participate in planning, give them some responsibility, and enjoy the best family holiday possible.

Do you have any more tips for holidaying with teens?



  1. Our son turned 13 on our last holiday it is difficult as we have a five year old daughter but as you said we et him pan days out with us and bent the rules he didn’t go to bed til gone midnight with us xXx

  2. The BIGGEST tip for taking a vacation with teens? Leave the cellphones/tablets at home. A digital camera is a must have but no phones or tablets.

  3. I totally agree, keep them busy is the best advice. My eldest is 13 and gets bored way easier than the youngest three, we always have to find ways to tire him out!
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  4. I strangely never had any problems with my teens when we went away on holiday, both loved nature and we stayed in the york moors so we never had family problems

  5. Love these tips, I do feel for my parents, I’m sure I wasn’t the best company on family holidays when I was a teen x

  6. Some great tips, our last family holiday with a 14 & 15 year was a nightmare, my 14 yo son was terrible, refused to do anything stayed in bed until 1 or later and just complained he wanted to go home! We’re going away again soon and have discussed with him how it made everyone else feel and he’s going to make more of an effort to join in & moan less!!

  7. These are great tips, it’s definitely worth remembering it’s a holiday for all of you so rules should be more relaxed x

  8. I remember as a teen (which wasn’t that long ago!) I’d always help with the booking and deciding where to go. I felt so important and we’d always make sure it was a place my step brother and I wanted to go to (so Disney, haha!)

  9. When my son was a teen I used to get him to pick his own activity and when he was that bit older do something on his own like go to the cinema. Means you get a night out with your partner too 🙂
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  10. Nothing worse than a teenager tantrum to put a dampener on holiday fun
    Giving them responsiblity certainly helps

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