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Our Summer Part 2 August 2017


Better late than never, but here is Part 2 of our Summer. We love sharing our adventures with you, and picking the best photos to show you too. It captures our memories and it is lovely to look back on what we have been up to. This is what we got up to in August.

Our Summer Part 2 August 2017

1st – Recovering from Camp Bestival! Weather horrendous – torrential rain but it did dry up a bit. Mummy popped to see Uncle A before they left for home.  They had been staying locally for a few days. We met Daddy for lunch at Heatherton for an hour. We had a Birthday meal in the evening at The Mulberry for Luke.

our summer

1 August

3rd – Wet. Windy. Urrgghhh. Mummy worked, I played at home and watched Transformers movie then we met Nana and Grandad at the garden centre for coffee.

4th – Mummy was recovering from sickness. It was a lovely hot day but Leah was ill too. We drove to Saundersfoot 

5th – Lovely sunny hot day. Mummy still not well. Daddy took Luke and I to Carmarthen.

6th – Luke now poorly with sickness 🙁 Leah, Mummy and I went out for Sunday lunch). Getting ready for glamping. Weather not great

7th – We travelled to Milton Keynes and  arrived  at 3.30. The weather was ok. We were having a few days glamping with the Camping and Caravanning Club.

caravanning, caravan site

8 August

8th – Rain rain rain. Went to a nearby shopping centre and Ikea.

9th – Rain again. We went to Bletchley Park and had a fantastic day even though it rained all day.

9 August

10th – Lovely sunny day (Thank goodness!). We went to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor.

Thomas Land

10 August

11th – Another lovely day but we were driving home. It was raining at home 

boy, woodland

12 August

Saturday 12th – We went to Stackpole with Daddy. It was a lovely warm sunny day.


13th – Another lovely day. Went over to Saundersfoot with Stephen (Lea’s boyfriend) and met Nan and Grandad

14th – Rain. Again. Terrible rain. Went to Milford to go bowling but it was booked up so we had lunch, the teens and I played pool then we went home.

folly farm

15 August

15th – Tuesday, a lovely dry warm day. I went to Folly farm with Lea and Mummy. Nana and Grandad joined us later.

16th – Rain, wind uurrgghh! Went to Milford Marina for lunch with Lea and Stephen, in the morning I watched movies whilst Mummy worked. And again in the afternoon!

sister, brother, cafe

17 August

17th – A bright sunny day. Went to Saundersfoot for coffee and ice cream. 

18th – Friday. The weather wasn’t great. Mummy worked, we watched movies and went for coffee at Bubbleton.

19th – Saturday. A fairly sunny day but windy with heavy showers. We went to Haverfordwest and Wetherspoons for lunch.

20th – Sunday. It started ok but became very wet, grey and chilly. We met Nan and Grandad in The Lounge in the afternoon. Luke and I (with Mummy) met Daddy for tea.

21st – A damp grey day. Lea and Mummy travelled by train to get our new car. I stayed at Nana’s with Luke.

son, boy

22 August

22nd- Stephen came over. We all went to Heatherton and then Saundersfoot.

23 August

23rd – We went to new cafe  – Martha’s Kitchen that has opened at a garden centre for lunch. We had a quick visit to the beach too.

24 August

24th – Luke’s has his GCSE results and did SO well! All B’s and C’s (only 1 D) despite the struggles he has had. We had breakfast in Saundersfoot and popped to the park.

25th –  Warm and quite sunny. We had an awesome Vauxhall car delivered for us to review. Stayed home playing Monopoly while Mummy worked. 

boy, lake

26 August

26th – Warm and sunny then grey . We walked from Stackpole to Stackpole Quay. Had lovely scones and coffee.

27 August

27 August

27th – We went to Manchester for a few days with Premier Inn. The Vauxhall Crossland X was lovely!


28 August

28th – In Manchester, visited Trafford Centre and went for a meal with Great Nana. These are my big sisters, aren’t they gorgeous!?

29 August

29 August

29 August

29th – Manchester. We saw Great Nana again before we spent the evening and had a meal at Mummy’s cousins house.

30th – We travelled back home from Manchester.

31 August

31st – Thursday and a  lovely warm sunny day. I had my hair cut short for the first time in my life! We went to Bubbleton Farm for coffee. In the evening Nan and Grandad came over for Chinese and a game of Monopoly.

You can read all about the first part of our summer here.

So, another busy month for us! It seems like sooooo long ago now we are in October with chilly days and Halloween around the corner.




  1. ALWAYS so busy with MAGICAL memories – you all CERTAINLY had fun

  2. What an incredible summer you had, I can’t remember much about what I did in August but the weather was definitely better then than it is now
    Anosa recently posted…Top Five Friday – local adventuresMy Profile

  3. Lovely photo’s of you all and all your wonderful adventures, shame the weather was its typical British self for camp bestival, glad it was a bit better on other days out xXx

  4. Well it definitely looks like you had an awesome August x
    Beautyqueen UK (Beautyqueenuk) recently posted…Lookfantastic X Omorovicza Limited Edition Beauty Box My Profile

  5. Such lovely photos! And huge congratulations to Luke on his GCSE results.

    C x

  6. Sounds like you had a good summer, despite all the sickness and rain.

  7. It’s sad that you had loads of fun over the summer but it sounds like you still managed to do quite a lot x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…How To Spend Four Days In IschiaMy Profile

  8. Congratulations to Luke on the GCSE results, it must be a great relief. Looks like you had a really busy month with lots of adventures x

  9. Lovely photos, Drayton Manor looks great! Congratulations to Luke on his GCSE results too 🙂

  10. August was so wet wasn’t it. I remember you guys getting stuck in Camp B in the rain. Still looks like you guys had a fun filled month 🙂 x

  11. Loved reading about your August. It’s so true to life. There were ups (sunny days and trips to visit relatives) and down days (rain or the days your mom had to work instead of play). ps: I loved the photo of you with the giraffe. You’re getting tall! x

  12. It sounds like you had a wonderful summer. I really like how you’ve remembered something for each day, really nice to look back on. I looks like you spent a lot of time with family too which is always nice.

    Ami xxx

  13. Wow, it looks like you had a busy summer. I love doing posts like this, last year I did a post a day about what we had done just so I could record it all. x
    victoria Marden recently posted…The Autumn TagMy Profile

  14. I loved the photo of you with the giraffe. You’re getting tall!

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