Letter to my 5 Year Old Son

Letter to my 5 Year Old Son


Mummy says… Pickle, you are 5 today. 5! I can’t quite believe it, nor can the rest of the family. I want to wish you the Happiest Birthday ever and have written a letter to you…

Letter to my 5 Year Old Son

Dearest Pickle

Five years ago you entered the world, and completed our family and my life. I had had the most wonderful pregnancy and birth, and was so happy and relieved when you arrived safe and sound.

Letter to my 5 Year Old Son

You have brought 5 years of such happiness and joy to us all. You were the smiliest baby – everyone commented on how happy and smiley you were. You started talking at such a young age and have kept us laughing and amazed ever since.

You are so bright – you are at the top of your class in reading, you are sounding out and spelling more and more difficult words every week. You colour and draw beautifully, you love drawing your favourite characters. You are popular and funny and a joy to have in class, says your teacher Miss P.

Letter to my 5 Year Old Son

You absolutely love our new little kittens, Nala and Luna and they love you. You are so gentle with them, and play with them for ages. You are so happy we have pets again.

You are such a happy little boy. You love watching films – Hotel Trannsylvania 2 is your new favourite and you love Moana and the new Cars 3. You love Paw Patrol, Ben 10, anything and everything to do with Marvel and DC Super Heroes, your wooden Brio Train set and your Power Ranger figures and playsets.

Letter to my 5 Year Old Son

I still can’t quite believe you are my son, I am so blessed to have you. We co-sleep and every night I look at you sleeping, at how small you are, at how beautiful you are and I drift to sleep listening to you breathing. Every night at some point you scuttle across the bed to cuddle me, and even though you kick the duvet off when I am cold, and wake up at stupid o clock at weekends, I adore every night with you.

Letter to my 5 Year Old Son

This morning, you woke at 5 and asked if it was time for your birthday? ‘Am I 5 yet?’ you asked. I said not yet and to try and sleep for a little longer, which you did, you good boy. You woke with the alarm at 6.20 and asked again. I said ‘Yes!’ You asked again, ‘Am I 5?’ ‘Am I 5 right now?’ My heart melted and I said “yes, you are 5′. You have been so desperate to be 5!

Letter to my 5 Year Old Son

After school you are having a joint birthday party with your best friend J, who was born on the same day. I have arranged a super special cake for you too, which I cannot wait for you to see.

Happy Birthday my beautiful boy. Thank you for the most incredible 5 years.


All my love


Mummy x x x x x

Thank you for reading my letter to my 5 year old son.


  1. Aww! Happy birthday to your boy! I hope he has had a fab day x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…My girls love… Day 12 of #Blogtober17My Profile

  2. Happy birthday to your son, he is such a charming young man and you’ve done an amazing job raising him.

  3. Absolutely beautiful letter, and one he can look back and treasure when he’s older xXx

  4. Awww happy birthday Pickles, my nephew turns 5 next month too.
    Kaz this is such a beautiful letter, congrats on your five year old
    Anosa recently posted…How to save money for a getawayMy Profile

  5. Happy birthday from Paladin the cheetah and myself,Pickles!! Continue to always learn and thrive!

  6. Aw this is so sweet. I hope he had a lovely birthday.

  7. Happy birthday to your adorable son- he’s such a cute little man! Your letter to him is priceless, you’ve done a fantastic job raising him.
    Folakemi recently posted…You know you’re a working mom when…My Profile

  8. What a lovely letter and happy birthday to your son. I bet the past 5 years have gone by so quickly x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…Six Things You Have To Do In BournemouthMy Profile

  9. I love writing similar posts like this. Hope he had a wonderful day.
    Victoria Marden recently posted…Quirky Lilly #2My Profile

  10. What a lovely letter, I hope he had a great day. My son has just turned 5 and I love how much he loves to learn

  11. Oh that’s such a lovely letter, you’ve made me feel a bit guilty for the way I can’t wait to get rid of my kids to school in the mornings. As much as I love them I don’t think they are as well behaved as your little one lol

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